Til Death Do Us Part: The Dress

Gwennan’s Photo, thanks Gwennan

The dress has to be one of the most important parts of a wedding, amiright?
I’ve always known that I wanted a princess/ballgown shape either sleeveless or with long lace sleeves. With the wedding being in March and the crazy English weather, I had no idea what sort of climate to expect.

After going to see two of my besties get married (Matt & Becki, that’s you guys!) I was completely inspired to get on with planning and I did a sketch of my ideal dress.

Initial Dress Sketch

As for colour, I was completely stuck for ages! I knew I didn’t want plain white or plain black. Red was an option but my choices were so limited. Black and red seemed a bit too classic gothic and I ended up going round in circles for a couple of months.
I looked into whether it was possible to dye it or spray paint it but everything seemed way more complicated that I had originally thought.

After browsing ONE MILLION wedding sites and dodgy Chinese bridal stores, I decided to go for a classic white ‘base’ dress and work some magic to make it into the dream dress.

By some miracle I managed to find this on eBay for £49.99 including postage. I loved the bodice part and all the ruffles made a really good foundation for where I wanted to take it. I was so impressed with the overall quality; the lace-up back was perfect and I had no issues with any of it coming apart or loose stitching. A fab purchase that was!


I wanted the skirt so much fuller so after much more research into petticoats (who knew there were so many options?!) I went for a single hoop one which really pushed the skirt outwards into a ballgown silhouette, rather than A-line.

The next job was to add some colour! I decided to go for red with some black accents as well. This bit was incredibly easy but very effective. I bought cheap organza fabric from eBay in red, dark red and black. It cost £1.99 per piece including postage so £5.97 all together. I picked up some little scrap pieces in red and black as well which added some different textures. I cut it all up into shredded-like bits and simply sewed them on, making sure the ruffles hid any messy stitching.
It took quite a lot of time so I managed to listen my way though many podcasts while completing it.


The next thing was to add some more volume and make the whole skirt a little more choppy and random, rather than uniform ruffles.

My lovely friend Polly added this netting, which went round the whole waistline but then gathered up so some of the messy part of the dress peeped through the gap.


Finally, with Polly’s help, we added a big black bow to complete the dream dress! It had wire around the edges to make it slightly less floppy and the ends were a bit longer than the dress so they formed a train.

Natalie Miller Photography

I was so chuffed with the final look. It was everything I wanted from a wedding dress, it lasted so well throughout the day, even though it was massive and I kept treading on it!
I got so many wonderful comments from everyone and it looks fab in the wedding pics. Huzzah!
The total cost came to £75.51 (including the petticoat).


Your dream dress doesn’t have to cost the earth, so get creative, do some research and see what you can create!



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