Til Death Do Us Part: Getting Crafty

skull bouquet
Natalie Miller Photography

At the weekend I did a marry and it was not only the most fabulous day which filled my heart with warmth but I did it all for an insane budget! By getting creative, calling in services as gifts and scouring charity shops, I managed to have the wedding of my dreams for a fraction of the average cost. (FYI the average cost is £27,161 which I think is a despicable amount for one day of your life).

There is a series of 3 posts coming your way, this one included (you lucky potatoes), so there will be more about the day later. This post is about me getting crafty and little ideas to keep your budget down. I did a post a while ago on cheap bits of decor that I picked up, so feel free to give that a read first.


Each table was themed as an unconventional couple from the world of TV and film. These were:
The Joker & Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad)
Morticia & Gomez (The Addams Family)
Victor & Emily (The Corpse Bride)
Jack & Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
The Doctor & Amelia Pond (Doctor Who)
Frankenstein’s Monster & His Bride (The Bride of Frankenstein)
Severus & Lily (Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows)

The lovely Gwennan did some illustrations of each couple for me and into the table plan they went!

I designed the table plan myself and got it printed with Vistaprint. I googled a voucher code and managed to nab some money off, bringing it to a grand old total of £17 including postage. It was A1 in size but I had to cut it down a bit to fit the frame.

The frame I got from a charity shop for a tenner; bargain! It had a picture in it which I simply took out to stick in the table plan. The glass started to go mouldy, I have no idea why but it completely added to the vibe I was going for so thanks mould!


(Thanks to Gwennan and Mel for these photo beauties)

I called on everyone I knew to lend any fairy lights they had and one set ended up allowing Mr Table Plan to live his best life. I found the easel at the venue so nabbed it for the day and it worked perfectly; I was very pleased with this find.


I had a vase of flowers on each table along with two frames. One contained an illustration of that table’s couple and the other, a quote that related to them.
The frames were all purchased from car boot sales and charity shops for between 10p and £2. The total for all fourteen frames came to £9.13.



The bouquets took some time but I made them completely from scratch, using origami flowers and odd scraps of fabric.

Each petal was made individually, I then joined five petals to make a flower and a bunch of flowers to make a bouquet! I used lolly sticks wrapped in fabric as a handle and then covered the handle and bottom half of the bouquet in fabric to hide any ugly bits.

Total cost of 4 bouquets: £4.90




I am going to outline the entire budget in another post but for now this gives you an idea of how to get a bit creative and see how much you can do for a very little cost.

Let me know what you think!




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