Review: Acacia, Copenhagen


During my fourth trip to Copenhagen (and last one before I move there, eep!), I made it my goal to find some new plant based foodie options. I’d got a bit caught up in a safety-food net and I knew I wasn’t experiencing everything this beaut city had to offer.

After a quick google, I came across Acacia and instantly wanted to try it out. Firstly, it’s all plant based which was pretty exciting; having so many options is very rare in Vegan World.


I ordered the sorghum waffles and the boy went for carrot pancakes (a choice he never would have picked pre-veganism!). And er mer gerd, we definitely weren’t disappointed!

Initially I thought the portions were a little small, although taking into consideration the fact that this was brunch and how full I felt by the end, I decided otherwise.

Carrot Pancakes

Both dishes were crammed full of explosive flavours and textures, all complimenting each other and creating a really unique, tasty combination. As for the presentation, that speaks for itself; they are two incredibly beautiful, Instagram-worthy meals!

Sorghum Waffles

The staff were extremely helpful, friendly and were completely invested in what they do. I love seeing the passion for a concept come through and this was apparent in their brand, recipes and service.


The overall atmosphere was pretty calm in the reasonably small yet spacious cafe. Located on a busy main road in Frederiksberg, there were no shortage of customers, with barely one free table to be spotted. And rightly so, as I couldn’t think of a nicer place to catch up with a friend over brunch.



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