MINIMALISM: Tips for Decluttering Clothes


After some inspirational chats with my blogging bffs (linked at the bottom of this post FYI), I realised that decluttering clothes is the most difficult for some. Contrary to the words of KonMari, clothes aren’t always easy to be make objective decisions on and they can be put off to the end of a decluttering spree or avoided all together.

I’ve decided to share some of the most common problems that can arise when trying to reduce yo wardrobe. I’ve added how I tackled this, if it applied to me and anything that I thought may be helpful if you’re facing this capsule wardrobe dilemma yourself.


‘I have sentimental attachments to certain items’

I did have some (and by some, I mean many) band t shirts that I suppose carried sentimental values with them, however it annoyed me to have a drawer of t shirts that never got worn because they were out of shape or didn’t fit perfectly. I kept a lot of the tickets from gigs I went to over the years so I sold/donated all my band tees.

If you have sentimental items of clothing that will definitely never be worn again, you could take photos of them and sell them to someone who will get the wear out of it; you can make sure it goes to a good home. Your memories are in YOU, not in clothing; physical items only have the meaning that you give to them so try changing the way you think about things and decide whether you really NEED to keep them.

‘I have items for specific occasions but those occasions rarely happen’

I have an outfit appropriate for a wedding, posh evening event, formal meeting, heatwave etc but all those pieces can be adapted to work with other outfits. The trick here is to shop around and only pick up items that carry more than one function. If you have certain occasions that are more regular then obviously cater your wardrobe to those but for those ‘just in case’ events, adaptability is key.

‘I duplicate items that I really love’

With duplicates, try to work out how many you actually NEED and don’t impulse buy pieces in every colour. If you do find an item that fits perfectly and is very ‘you’ then by all means have more than one, as long as you get the wear out of each one.

‘I feel that I should keep items that I receive as a gift’

Giving and receiving gifts is fun and bring joy to both parties (on the most part), but once that exchange is complete, the gift has done his job. You have no obligation to keep that gift forever, especially if you don’t like or use it.
Taking photos can be applicable here as well, if you want to remember gifts that certain people have given you. People give gifts because it makes them happy; they would in no way expect you to keep an item if it didn’t continue to ‘spark joy’ and most probably wouldn’t remember specific gifts months or years down the line.

‘I buy pieces that are on trend, which I no longer wear once the trend has passed’

Fast fashion is the devil. If possible, try and go for classic items that will last forever; in terms of quality AND style. American Apparel was an absolute diamond for these (RIP AA).
Before purchasing an item, ask yourself if you’ll still be wearing it in a year or whether it’s a fad that you’ll hate in a few months.

‘I have low confident days where I would only wear certain items from my wardrobe’

I think this varies depending on the individual and their specific situation but my general advice would be to not have anything in your wardrobe that you don’t feel comfortable in 100% of the time. Do you ever put on an outfit, decide you don’t feel great in it and put it back? I would totally zap that from your wardrobe. If every piece of clothing you own makes you feel amazing, it provides a little confidence boost every time you get dressed, amiright?

‘I have no motivation to decrease the amount of stuff in my wardrobe’

There’s nothing wrong with this, keep yo clothes! You’re going to need motivation to reduce your clothing and make it work for you so if you don’t have a reason or longing to go for it, then maybe it’s not for you at this current time.


I hope you found these tips helpful, feel free to chuck any other questions at me in the comments!

Would you every try a capsule wardrobe?


Oh and before I go, a BIG thanks to Gwennan, Hannah, Mel and Sarah for always being full of inspo/help/advice/keeping me alive ❤



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