MINIMALISM: Hoarder to Suitcase Life


It’s happened. I can see the light at the end of the decluttering/downsizing/refining tunnel. Sixteen months after I started my Minimalism journey, I can almost grasp suitcase life with both hands. Just to confirm, there is no strict end result to minimalism. As your needs and lifestyle change, the belongings that bring you value will change so it’s forever ongoing.

However, my short term goal was to get my necessities in a suitcase so I am able to move around freely without too much hassle.

After much chucking out selling and swapping, I am almost ready. This post is just a little update of where I’m at really, with some little tips and ideas that I think might be useful thrown in for good measure.

As for the numbers, this is where I’m at:

Clothes: 40 (including coats)
Shoes: 8
Bags: 3

This may change again. It does always seem to!

I recently watched some of Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste videos and she mentioned that when she goes on holiday with her family, all their belongings fit in their suitcases, allowing them to rent out their home while they’re away and make the money that they spent on the holiday back. Genius, right? This is definitely something I’d like to do in the future.

I travel(ised) my work set up

Myself and the boy run a music tuition business so we have a home music studio that is pretty big (it takes up the entire lounge). Piece by piece, we’ve worked out what we can live without, what can be swapped for something smaller and if there are any items available that do the jobs of 2 current items. Obviously there are instruments but as for general working/recording videos/teaching via Skype we now have an awesome travel setup that fits in our hand luggage!


As I’m focusing on my preferred lifestyle, rather than having an income goal, I’m prepared to be a bit strapped for cash for a little while.
Here are some little things I’m swapping out for reusables to save my bank balance as well being that little bit kinder to the environment.

Silicone Sponges: I have one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom and they are AMAZING. Seriously, get on this is you haven’t already. They cost around £2 on eBay and are so much more hygienic than regular throwaway sponges. They’re really easy to clean and so far have no signs of wear and tear.

Mooncup: If you’re not a fan of period discussions, look away now. Rather than spending money on wasteful sanitary products every month, I’ve gone for a reusable silicone mooncup. (Haven’t tried it yet, wish me luck plz).

Cleaning cloths: I do use kitchen roll for pet related accidents but I’ve started using it very sparingly, replacing with washable cleaning cloths.

Hair stuff: I gave up professional haircuts a long time ago so I am keeping my hairdresser scissors and a hair clipper (for the boy).

Tupperware: I have a great stack of reusable tubs that are freezer and microwave safe and are fab for bulk cooking. These babies are definitely coming with me.


That’s it for now, I’m off to the post office with another load of eBay sells. I can’t believe there’s still stuff left to get rid of but apparently so!

More updates soon,



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4 thoughts on “MINIMALISM: Hoarder to Suitcase Life

  1. Awesome!! I highly recommend soapnuts too if you haven’t tried them yet – look up econuts on amazon! You can use them to wash clothes, hair, etc. and they save valuable liquid space 🙏


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