2018 Goals


Phew, 2018 has the potential to be a very big year, but then I suppose that’s true for every year, isn’t it?
Here are my yearly goals. FYI one year goals are the furthest ones I set as a lot can change very quickly; I’m not able to think in the long term as I fear missing opportunities that crop up unexpectedly in the short term.

Move abroad

We’re all set for moving to Denmark around April/May time so if everything goes to plan we’ll be zooming off to live our best Scandinavian life!
I’ve always wanted to live abroad, even if it’s only short term, to experience another culture and soak up everything a brand new country has to offer.

Start a new business

I have one successful start up under my belt and now I want to work on more! I love building the business and then seeing it hold its own while freeing myself up to pursue different outlets. Here’s to having an empire one day, hah!

Build a snowman

My other goals are quite serious so I figured I needed a fun and lighthearted one. I haven’t seen snow in a few years now and I’m craving some proper cold winter weather! I wanna build a snowman plus his family and dog. ALL THE SNOW PLZ.

Increase my passive income

I define success (partly) by having passive income that covers your necessary expenses. Time is very valuable and my aim is to not have to swap my time for money. To be fair, I have reached this already but my fiance/biz partner has not, so the goal is for us both to get to this point; freeing up our time to work on different projects.

Look after my health

Bleurgh, this one always makes the list doesn’t it?
I’m not unhealthy but there’s always room for improvement. I really want to get back in to running and I need to have a hunt around for some more yummy whole food plant-based recipes.
I’ve also been working on remaining positive and calm (easier said than done) so meditation and positive affirmations have crept into my routine as well. I want these things to become an every day habit, rather than an intermittent practice!


Bring on a brand new shiny year!


What are your goals for 2018?





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