Minimalism: Christmas Decorations


Minimalism is different for every person and, in my opinion, Christmas is one of those times that those differences can really show.

Personally, I’m not aiming to end up owning a specific number of things but I would like all my necessities to fit into a suitcase. This feels right for me as it gives the freedom to move around easily without having to worry about extra baggage.

Talking of extra baggage…

As much as my Christmas items won’t fit in the suitcase and are by no means necessary, there are a few bits and bobs that I’m keeping that will help make my house all festive this Christmas.


I never ask for Christmas cards but inevitably we do receive some so I peg them on a string with these little Nordic peggies! This keeps them tidy and contained, without cluttering the surfaces. Once the new year hits, into the recycling they go and the peggies return to their box until December rolls around again.


Jack Skellington is my spirit animal so he comes out every Christmas, dressed as Santa obviously! The Nightmare Before Christmas, after many years, remains my favourite Christmas film so he’s definitely a keeper.


I don’t have the fir cones out as decor but they’ve proved very useful as photo and video props. I did downsize the collection as it was quite large, but these few remain to add that lil something to my creative work. THANKS GUYS



My tree is a little alternative white twig one but it stands nicely on the table; I’ve draped some pretty colourful fairy lights on it and dotted some small yet super cute decorations on it.


It’s not a lot but it all fits nicely into a carrier bag (minus the tree) and still adds a few drops of Christmas spirit!

How do you decorate at Christmas when trying to minimize your belongings?
Do you have a Christmas tree?



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5 thoughts on “Minimalism: Christmas Decorations

  1. I no longer have a tree, but I do have icicle lights that I’ve been meaning to hang round the house. Do you truly only have the possessions that fit in a suitcase? Do you move around a lot? I think that’s amazing!


    1. I’m planning on moving abroad next year and would like to be able to move around more freely so at the moment I still have some furniture (which i’ll sell before I go) but my actual possessions (clothes, electronics etc) fit in a suitcase 😊 I loveee icicle lights, they’re so pretty! Xx

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