Minimalism Gift Ideas

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I have an ongoing battle with Christmas and birthdays in regards to the old gift giving. It’s a difficult one because it’s understandable that friends and relatives want to give you ‘stuff’ but the reality is, I really don’t want more stuff. I also get that giving money all the time isn’t necessarily that fun so I’ve compiled a little list (oh I do love a list) of alternative gift ideas that are completely fab yet won’t fill your house with unnecessary belongings.


Experience days are so affordable (depending on which one you choose) from websites like Groupon and it pushes the gift receiver to get out and have some fun and to do an activity that they may not previously have found the time to do or even considered.

Home baked goodies

I love a home baked cake! We’ve previously been given home made flapjacks and a whole lemon cake and you seriously can’t go wrong with a gift as yummy as those. It’s always a really nice surprise as well as being affordable and personalised.

130 brownies

Take them for a meal

If you, like most people, are too busy to spend as much time as you’d like with family or friends, why not treat them to a coffee break or take them out for a meal?
It means you get that quality time to spend with them as well as a foodie gift.

Gig/theatre tickets

If you know the person well and want to spend a bit more then go for gig or theatre tickets. This is a really thoughtful gift and a great night out is much more fun than an item that they may or may not want, right?

Donate to a charity

This isn’t for everyone but some people who want to can’t afford to give to charity regularly so may like the opportunity to have a donation on their behalf instead of receiving a gift.
I once adopted a giant panda for my animal-loving sister and donated some money each month while she got updates on how her panda was doing.


How do you feel about gift giving/receiving?
Do you get given unwanted items?


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