Minimalism: Monochrome in a Capsule Wardrobe


Don’t get me wrong, this is not my whole wardrobe. However, since drastically downsizing my clothing collection, monochrome items have proved very useful.

Here are three reasons why adding some monochrome to your capsule wardrobe has its benefits.

1  The mix and match possibilities are endless. If I need to purchase something for my wardrobe, most of the time I’ll go for grey, while keeping splashes of black and white here and there. Some people avoid white to keep the laundry routine simpler, but I like to have a few crisp white items to brighten my collection.

2  The neutrals keep it calm. I’ve felt generally calmer after the mass declutter anyway but I feel my wardrobe is so much less hectic now that over half of it is neutrally coloured. I’ve kept a couple of prints but those alone don’t overwhelm.

3  I find monochrome items are generally easier to dress up or down, giving them more functions. Obviously this depends on the item; I wouldn’t wear my Adventure Time docs to a formal meeting! But the white shirt in particular, lends itself to all sorts of occasions.

How much of your wardrobe is made up of monochrome clothing?



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