Life’s Little Joys


I’m trying to put my phone down occasionally and spend more time outside, enjoying the moment and not attempting to document every aspect of life in real time, much to the annoyance of my inner millennial.

In a fast paced life, overflowing with advertisements, choices and social channels, it can be difficult to shut off the noise, breathe and enjoy the moment.

Here are some of life’s little joys that make me happy and I try to not take for granted.

Running across the beach, over the stones.
Watching the waves crashing against the shore.
Walking the dog.
Spending time with the family.
Cuddling up under a blanket with a hot cuppa.
Listening to the raining hammering against the window.
Taking photos of nature.
The smell of freshly baked cakes.
Morning chats over coffee.
Curling up in freshly washed bed linen.
Noticing that my plants have grown.
Lighting a scented candle when it’s dark outside.
Opening the curtains to a sunny day.
A full kitchen cupboard of food.
Drinking wine with friends.
Walking into a warm cafe when it’s cold outside.
Sipping a cider in a country pub.
Soaking in a big bubbly bath.
Freshly dyed hair.
Lighting a room by fairy lights.
Great conversation.
Buying fresh bread that’s still warm.
Placing flowers on the dining table.
Meeting someone you feel like you’ve known forever.







It’s important to take time to step back a bit, get everything back into focus before carrying on with these hectic lives that we’ve come to know and love.

Do you find time to switch off?
Which little things make you happy?



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