IKEA & Minimalism


As far as I can tell, IKEA is not respected within the Minimalist culture. I do understand it. IKEA is the home of impulse purchases, crazy-cheap items and can be quite an overwhelming environment.

However, I do still have a love for it. I know, shoot me. Previously I have been completely drawn in to buying stuff solely because it’s cheap and those items have sat in my house not being used, only to eventually be given the boot.
This time when I visited, I was fully submersed in my minimalism frame of mind and I viewed the whole experience much differently. I went in with a list of things that I genuinely needed and stuck to it, I wasn’t sucked in to making impulse purchases and I also noticed the odd gem of an item that I think makes a visit to IKEA totally worthwhile.


The items that did catch my eye were ones that have double functions. I loved (but didn’t buy) this clip board that also includes mug hooks! It would be great for a small but functional kitchen or if you’re short of cupboard space.



Another great double function item: Coffee table with built in storage! This is ideal for storing blankets or cushions and could potentially add to your room aesthetic quite nicely. How I see it is if you’re going to have a coffee table, you might as well use it for storage as well.



Personally I also like the apartment lay outs. I’m a visual/kinaesthetic learner and it really helps to see things in person. IKEA have great ideas for living in small spaces and really getting the most out of your tiny apartment.
I’m most likely going to be moving to a studio apartment next year so I’ll be looking into little hacks to make an efficient use of the space.


So there you have it. I have embraced minimalism AND IKEA. I am truly living my best life.
If you do fall victim to the negative points of this Swedish furniture giant then feel free to follow my golden rules for each visit…


My Three Golden IKEA Rules

1  Remember that an item isn’t cheap if you don’t need it anyway

2  Make a list of what you need and stick to it flawlessly

3  Don’t under any circumstance impulse buy





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