How to Reduce your Waste

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Shop local

Buying fruit and veg from your local greengrocer or farmer’s market generally means less packaging. Plus it usually works out cheaper so two birds one stone and all that.
If you’re lucky enough to live near a supermarket or health shop that provides bulk options of grains/nuts that you can fill your own containers with, do it! Unfortunately I don’t but I love the idea; it’s a great way to reduce packaging even further.

Donate unwanted items

Only throw things away if they’re completely broken beyond repair. Use Gumtree, Freecycle to offload your unwanted items or donate them to your local charity shop.

Freeze fruit and veg

I started freezing my smoothie ingredients a while ago and it means I literally never have to waste any of it. Most fruit and veg can be bought fresh and then put in the freezer so make the most of that.
I currently have berries, spinach, bananas, broccoli and cauliflower living their best life in the freezer.

76 fridge


Recycle everything you can! Paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and glass can be put in most house recycle bins. There are even communal recycle bins for clothes and shoes if they’re not good enough to be donated.

Reduce your plastic

My canvas bags and bobble bottle are my best friends.
Plastic pollutes our oceans and consumes our landfill sites. Buy a reusable water bottle and say no to plastic packaging and bags where possible.


Any raw fruit and veg can be composted! This saves throwing it away and you can use it as fertiliser. Used coffee grounds can also be composted; my plants love a bit of coffee… Haa!

232 compost.jpg

How do you reduce your waste?



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