Gothic Wedding Decor


As you may know, I’m getting married next year and it’s going to be a wonderfully gothic, 1920s inspired affair. I’m sticking to a very strict budget as I’d prefer to pour money into a business than a wedding day. Romantic, I know.
I’ve scoured charity shops, car boot sales, my house and family member’s houses for items that may be of use and to see how I can bring this theme together with only a few pennies.

Here are some of the decorative items that I’ve acquired so far…


This skull was given to us by our lovely friends (one of whom is also best man) and will be used as a photo prop and to bring a slightly sinister vibe to our day.

Price: FREE


I cannot, would not, should not, spend money on real flowers that may wilt and will die because that would make me a very silly sausage. I’ve used cheap fake flowers for the table centre pieces and origami flowers for the bouquets.

£20 for 7 tables worth of centre pieces
£4 for 1 bride bouquet and 3 bridesmaid bouquets of origami flowers
(I bought the paper and spent many minutes making flowers LOL)


This white skull will also be used as a prop and he was one we already had on our bedroom shelf so now he gets a chance to live his best life.

Price: FREE


I found this super cute little box from a charity shop and it’s perfect for the rings! I was so pleased with this and I hadn’t even considered that the rings would need some sort of box so luck prevailed with that one.

Price: £1


I’m only showing a sneaky peek of one of them for now but there are seven of these bad boys; one for each table.
I’ve collected some photo frames from charity shops and there will be two on each table; one with an illustration of a couple, and one with a quote from said couple.
The illustrations are by Gwennan Rees and you should go check her out if you need any design work done because she is the best!

Price: £9 for 12 frames (illustrations not included)


I am beyond pleased with how these turned out. These will be the table place names and they are made from keys, string and card. I stained the card with tea, whole punched and tied some string round it. Easy peasy.
I did manage to borrow the keys and there were exactly the amount I needed, what are the chances?! The card and string I found lying about the house so these were a fabulous freebie.

Price: FREE


This is my Guest Book which will feature a polaroid picture of each guest with their message written next to it. And to do so they will use a quill because, well why not.
I got a basic scrapbook from Hobbycraft, took out the binding, replaced with string and wrote ‘You look so cool’ in red pen (to replicate blood). Huzzah.

Price: £3


I had a few ‘old’ looking bottles lying around, as did some friends and family members so I’ve collected them up and will use some for table water and some for general decorative goodness.

Price: FREE

I wanted to show you all that a wedding doesn’t have to cost the earth and that you have the freedom to do WHATEVER you please; don’t feel you have to adhere to traditions or anything. I was astounded by how much I managed to get for so little. It just takes a little drop of imagination and a few simple craft skills.



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6 thoughts on “Gothic Wedding Decor

  1. This is amazing! I always read that DIY weddings almost always end up costing just as much as “all out” weddings so it’s so impressive you’ve done so well to get so many freebies/cheapies. I LOVE the thought of origami bouquets as well, such a great idea.
    Sounds like you’re going to have an amazing day.
    Saph xx


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