Moving Abroad: What to pack

packign abroad.jpg

Argh, packing to move abroad! Where do you even start?
My plan is to move next April and at the very least, this plan has given me a kick up the bum to be super organised and get my stuff in order.
Thanks to my little minimalism journey, I now know of every item that I have in my house and all my paperwork is in order. Phew.


I’ve split my stuff into the following sections:

– Need immediately (goes in suitcase)
– Need once I’m settled and everything has gone to plan (gets boxed up and shipped)
– Keeping but can live without until I’ve decided which country is home (gets stored with a family member- lucky them!)

This is my list of necessities that will be coming with me in a suitcase. I’m allowed one big suitcase, one small and a rucksack (I think) so there’ll easily be enough room for everything, I reckon.

  • seasonal clothes
  • seasonal shoes
  • toiletries
  • cleaning products
  • paperwork
  • documents (passport, driving licence, marriage certificate, birth certificate)
  • electricals
  • eco bags
  • washing line (?)
  • fairy lights (because no home is complete without them?)
  • small box of tools, stationery, random useful items, plasters, painkillers, sewing kit
  • books/journals

I realise that it doesn’t all sound like essential stuff but I figured I might be in a flat without a dryer so a washing line could come in handy, haaa! Plus I think fairy lights have the power to make anywhere nice and homely.


The stuff I’d get shipped is mainly kitchen items and stuff for our business which we won’t need instantly. Even after a mass declutter it still feels like I have a ton of stuff! If you have any advice, please chuck it my way!

Have you ever moved overseas?
Am I missing anything crucial?



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