10 ways to Simplify your Life


I think it’s fair to say most of us are overwhelmed in one way or another. Never has there been more ‘stuff’, whether it’s social media channels, adverts, clothing… There are so many options for everything, increasing expectations, and in my opinion, too much choice.
I’ve watched some videos recently of people who are trying to live a little more simply and decided to share the ways in which I try to simplify my life.


1  Organise your computer

Clear everything from your desktop, delete anything that’s no longer needed and organise the files you do need into folders. Go through all your bookmarks and make sure everything that is saved is still relevant.


2  Reduce your tech devices

Do you own a kindle and an iPad? A laptop and a computer? See if there’s a way you can downsize your technology collection and when purchasing new items, ideally find ones that have more than one function. You might even bag some extra dollar from selling things you can do without!

IMG_0793 copy


3  Have social media breaks

We all say it but if you’re anything like me, you struggle to completely switch off. I went for a yurt break a couple of years ago and there was no wifi, no phone signal and it was bliss! I didn’t have a choice, I HAD to avoid social media and technology for the whole weekend and it was such a worthwhile break to have. I’d love this to become a regular thing; it does wonders for your mental health and productivity.


4  Spend more time outside

Ideally not in the city centre but take a walk in the woods or along the coast and take in the calmness and fresh air that nature brings.



5  Limit your contracts/ direct debits

This is a new one for me but I’ve started to find direct debits (and cancelling them) a complete faff. In preparing to move abroad, I’ve been working out the cancellation procedure for each bill and a lot of the time you’re contracted for a certain period of time and can’t cancel without paying a fee or a going through a very long winded process. Boo. I’ve decided to sell my car so am saying goodbye to three direct debits related to that. I feel so freeeeeee! This leads me on to…


6  Pay up front when you can

Usually you save money when paying up front and BAM, no monthly commitment. I get that this isn’t always financially viable but if it is, definitely go for it. It means you’re paid up and you keep the faff to a minimum.


7  Digitise your bills

Save space, save paper, save time and go digital. You can log into your account to see your transactions and this way it keeps all your info safe and contained.


8  Declutter your work space

There’s nothing worth than trying to work amongst a mess of papers and random items. Clear that desk space and leave space for productivity to flow.



9  Declutter your home

Yay! It had to be in the list somewhere, right? I have a Minimalism post here that may help you get started.


10  Keep a journal

Organise your tasks, reminders and to do lists in one place. Whether this is a physical journal or online calendar, keep it all in one place with a system that works for you. This way nothing will get forgotten and it’ll be easier to stay on track with everything you need to do.


Do you feel cluttered?
How do you take a step back?



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