Staycation: Blogger’s Party in the Barn!


Last weekend, packed to the brim with decorations and birthday goodies for Mel, we arrived at The Party Barn for our staycation! The barn was embedded right in middle of the beautiful Hampshire countryside and it was the perfect setting for us to chill out, take photos and celebrate Mel’s birthday (unbeknownst to her).
Our little squad have had a Whatsapp group for over year, since we planned the Blogger Picnic in the Park. As our holiday was planned for the weekend before Mel’s birthday we decided to surprise her with some celebrations, cards and a cake! This involved a very intricate plan which was discussed very carefully in a second Whatsapp chat (minus Mel, obviously) and executed flawlessly on the day, despite storms, traffic and having to arrive a few hours early without Mel finding out!


I was gutted to leave this table in the barn, I wanted to take it home! It made a fabulous background to our flat lays, hosted our Saturday night fajita feast and worked flawlessly as a Prosecco Pong base.


Gwennan utilised her creative talents gloriously by making us all out of icing; the best topper for a cake that I literally have ever seen, thanks Gwennan!


I’m going to take this opportunity to say a GIANT thank you to Talking Tables who supplied us with a fantastic amount of goodies and decorations, it really made all the difference and our party barn looked amazing, as you can see!

Prosecco Pong provided hours of entertainment as well as some comical boomerangs and video clips; a blogger’s dream! Sarah even scored a goal with the cork from the prosecco bottle which was hilarious; possibly even more so than when she scored an own goal, hahaaa!


It was so much fun to be around other bloggers, we all helped each other with capturing shots, taking behind the scenes photos and making everything look super photogenic. Including this chicken who reached his epitome in life when he was covered in fairy lights!


I was so pleased we were given some of these iridescent curtains; they added SO much sparkle and made the whole barn feel truly magical.


On the Saturday we managed to avoid a giant storm by literally seconds (the heavens opened as we walked through the door to the barn at lunch time) and wandered through the beautiful countryside, snapping away and enjoying the outdoors.




We also found some time to squeeze in a bit of writing and update our socials, pushing the very average wifi to its limits…



We spent our last morning making use of the swimming pool and felt very spoilt by Talking Tables, who were also to thank for these fab inflatables!


The weekend went way too quick but was jam-packed with fun and memories. I feel like these gals will be my buddies for life.
Plus, we’re already planning our next getaway, huzzah!


Please take some time to check out these wonderful peoples’ blogs. ILOVETHEM.

Gwennan at Twenty Something Meltdown
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Sarah at It’s Sarah Ann


Disclaimer: I was very kindly gifted the decorative items by the lovely Talking Tables


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