How I set Goals


I do love a goal, I do!
Whether you’re new to goal setting or a regular resolutionmeister, this should help a little with choosing your goals.

Firstly, a goal needs to be MEASURABLE, otherwise it’s easy to veer off track and your achievement of said goal can become ambiguous. When numbers are involved, it’s easy to log your progress and spur you on to the finish line! Measurables can be dates, amounts or percentages, as long as you can determine when the desired progress has been reached.
For example:
– I want to visit America by the end of 2018
– I want to make 10 YouTube videos this year
– I want to write 50% of my first novel

IMG_0795 copy

I also like to keep them RELEVANT to my current career or passions, although this is a personal preference. This way I am always aware of how I’m improving and the opportunities that the goal could lead to.

This may sounds obvious but make sure you’ll BENEFIT from the end result. If it’s a career related goal, write down what will be accomplished if you achieve it or what the next step will be. Could a new skill lead to a promotion? Or could gaining a qualification leave you a head and shoulders above the competition in your industry?

Next up, I make sure my goals are ACHIEVABLE. They can’t be too easy otherwise you don’t learn or grow but they also can’t be too far ahead of where you are currently. The intensity of the challenge has to sit at just the right level to push you out your comfort and show you what you’re capable of!

As for working towards them, I like to pick goals that consist of lots of LITTLE STEPS. If your goal is to ‘visit Australia’ or ‘buy a house’, to achieve it you have to take a big plunge and BOOM it’s done. Obviously both involve gradually saving but to actually tick off those tasks, it takes one big wave of courage.
Whereas something like ‘read 20 books this year’, which is on my list for 2017, I can slowly see the achievement brewing! It gives you a kick to carry on and you can congratulate yourself for all the mini achievements along the way.


It also can help to have a TIMEFRAME. I usually set yearly goals but some may need more time and you might want to set smaller goals for each month or quarter.



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