Things I’m love love lovin’


I’ve felt a bit stuck in a rut with the old blog lately; I’m still enjoying it and all that but the ideas were running a bit thin. Then, just like buses, a few came blog post ideas came and smacked me in the face all at once.

If there’s one thing that I think everyone should do more, it’s share what you love. Give praise, share ideas, give standing ovations, shout about what makes you happy… You get the idea.

So without further ado, here’s what I’m loving at the moment.


1  Hamilton

I am years late to the party but it’s better late then never. I am IN LOVE with this soundtrack. The boy and I have been spending any bit of spare time we have learning the songs on drums and piano and we’ve started our own little Mixtape of our favourite tracks.
I now know more about American history than British and would push anyone who loves hip hop and/or musical theatre and/or music in general to give this a listen.

Best. Musical. Ever.


2  Playing Drums

I’ve always played instruments but when music became my job I slacked a bit, doh. However, recently those barriers have been smashed once again (see above) and I am LOVING the drums. I feel like I’ve found my groove and can improvise along with my favourite songs; this is coming from someone who HATES improvising within any discipline.


3  Dark roasted coffee beans

Nothing gives you a kick up the bum at 7am than a super strong coffee, HELO dark roasted beans. I’ve spent the last few months honing my coffee taste buds in preparation to open a cafe and this is without a doubt my preference. YUM.


4  Having grown up pets

Up until now I’ve had v v baby pets or v v senior pets and both come with a great sense of responsibility, not to mention the time it takes up looking after them. My dog is a happy 4 years old and my cat is 6 and oh they pretty much look after themselves. THANKS GUYS.

5  Organising

If there’s one useful thing that’s come from planning to move abroad, it’s that now every single thing I own is organised and necessary. I literally know about every item and all my papers are filed, in a particular order. I have a list of direct debits/accounts that will need to be cancelled and a date of when I need to cancel each one. Ah life, as of this moment I AM ON TOP OF YOU.


What have you been loving recently?



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