Travelling with Doggo


To travel with Doggo or not? That is the question… I imagine many people ask when they go on holiday abroad.
My current plan is to move permanently to Copenhagen by the middle of next year, as long as nothing throws a spanner in the works (Brexit, I’m looking at you).

What I’ve found so far is there is so much to consider and figure out; I would advise leaving extra time if you’re considering something similar because there’s a hella lot of faff that comes with such a big move. The main one so far being caused by the pets!
I have a tiny dog and a Persian cat that will be coming with me and I’ve ended up doing so much research/list making due to all their specific requirements, that I thought it would be worth sharing in one handy blog post. All this information should be relevant whether you’re planning a holiday or a more permanent move.

To fly or to drive?

I’ve heard a lot of negative opinions surrounding flying with dogs so I looked into driving. However, with an hour and a half boat trip in which the dog must be left alone in the car, followed by a 12 hour drive with either one or two hotel stops, I figured this would probably be more stressful than flying.
Luckily, one of our lovely friends knows someone who works in the pet department in Heathrow, had flown her dog many times and she completely reassured me. If you have similar concerns, ask around and see if you can find someone who has actually flown with their pets. It really helps to have your questions answered by experience.
I’ve chosen to fly as it’s so much quicker and I’m going to ask the vet about slightly sedating my dog to put her at ease.

The Pet Travel Scheme

If you’re travelling within the EU (I’m not sure how this will change post Brexit), the Pet Travel Scheme allows you to avoid quarantine, huzzah!

In order to adhere to the scheme, I’ll be sorting the following:

• Pet Passport (I think it even includes a photo, squee!)
• Rabies jab (must be more than 21 says before you travel but less than a year)
• Jabs and flea treatment up to date
• Microchipped

There are certain restrictions in regards to the number of pets, breeds and ages of pets so be sure to research if that applies to you. There are more details about travelling within the EU with pets here.


Crates, crates, crates

It took me SO SO LONG to fathom all the crate requirements for flying, all the websites stated different things, so from what I understand, here is the giant list of things you need…

• The crate must be the correct size for your pet. Calculate the size here
• The crate must be IATA approved
• It must have bolts (not clips) and the bolts will ideally be steel not plastic
• It must have ventilation on all sides
• The ventilation holes must be small enough so your pet can’t stick his paws or nose out
• The crate must NOT have wheels
• It must be made of fibreglass, metal, rigid plastics, weld metal mesh
• The floor must be solid and leakproof
• It must have food/water bowls attached
• A spare collar and lead must be attached to the crate
• Your pet’s food must be attached to the crate
• There must be LIVE ANIMAL stickers on the crate
• Your name, pet’s name, address and contact number must be taped onto the crate

I got mine from SkyDogs and would thoroughly recommend them. The crate is really sturdy and my dog has actually chosen to sleep in it, bonus!
I bought it a few months before traveling so my dog can get used to it and learn that it’s her safe place. I think this will make a huge difference to how secure she feels when flying.

Money-wise, this is my calculated budget so far:

Rabies jab and passport: £120
Crate: £78
Flight: £135 (approx)

Total: £333 per pet

As far as I know, that’s all I need but I’ll update this post with any changes that occur.
Hope it helps!

Would you consider traveling with your pet?



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5 thoughts on “Travelling with Doggo

  1. Good information, I think this will help many folks. I have found the similar information for bringing my dog to Nicaragua. There are a lot of expats with parts here. Fortunately, Nicaragua is one of the easier countries to import pets – NO quarantine provided the paperwork and vaccinations are in order.


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