Minimalism: My Capsule Wardrobe


I am IN LOVE with my wardrobe. Er mer gerd, it’s so much easier to pick outfits, the rail is no longer close to breaking point and every single item gets worn regularly!

I no longer shop for the sake of it and if something does ever need replacing, I’ll shop specifically for that item; no pointless spending and no impulse buying! Huzzah!

If you have a shopping addiction paired with an overflowing wardrobe and are considering cutting back, here are my tips for creating your own fabulous capsule wardrobe.

Keep it neutral

It took me AGES to discard all my super patterned or colourful items. I used to live by the mantra ‘I’ll get this in a colour that I don’t currently own’, meaning I ended up with an entire spectrum sat in my wardrobe. Now, I have predominantly monochrome pieces which make up the bulk of my outfits.

Add colour splashes

Leading on from that, you can still HAVE colour splashes. It comes down to personal preference but my advice would be to start off with the neutral collection of items. Then add whichever colours you wish and stick to a set few. I went for mostly blue and green hues.

Each item should have multiple uses

Every pair of trousers should be able to be worn with multiple tops and vice versa. Discard anything that imposes outfit limits!

Be patient

This whole process took me about 8 months to complete. The discarding alone took a while and then it was a case of working out where I had gaps and tracking down the perfect items to finish it off.
But, months later, I have a super happy wardrobe!

I figured it may be helpful to have a complete run down of my whole wardrobe!
Bear in mind this is very much suited to my personal style and lifestyle requirements but hopefully it will help anyone who’s not sure where to start.
So here goes…

Jackets: 4

The grey one is super cosy and oversized and I could totally curl up and live in it! It works for casual and smart occasions but is warm enough for the colder months.
For more casual occasions in the warmer months, the sporty monochrome one does a perfect job.
Mr Blue Spotty… I could not live without him! The rain runs straight off, ahhh.
The last jacket is the only thing in my wardrobe that has pink/red on it! But, I really like the fit and it’s so great for weddings and formal events.

Basic Tees: 5
A must-have for any capsule wardrobe.
Mine are all different colours and lengths, ensuring they all do different jobs!

Leggings: 2
Worn most days.
I have one grey pair and one brown; both are American Apparel and have lasted for years! RIP American Apparel.

Jeggings: 2
Worn if I have to go somewhere posher than the bank or pet shop but not as posh as out for dinner.
One blue denim pair, one black pair.

Trousers: 2 
One pair of khaki hareem pants which I loveeee when paired with a crop top. The others are grey, cropped and super flaired. They can be dressed up or down and are as comfy as pyjamas. Everyone should own these.

Dresses: 6

Monochrome strapless maxi dress
Black long sleeved bodycon mini dress
Navy skater dress
Black casual vest dress
2x basic strapless minis (one black, one cream) FYI these are SO useful; I wear them as dresses, tops and layer them in the winter.

Shirts: 2
Both are neutral colours; one smart, one casual

Summer Tops: 6

topsThese 2 came as a pack and are from Asos (£10, I believe). They’re great for dressing up or down and go with everythinggg! The others are a mixture of cropped, full length, fitted and loose fitting. Perfecto. 

Long Sleeved Tops: 4
As the basic tees, just make sure they cover all bases.

Cropped Tops: 2
One awesome sparkly navy smart one and one super casual long sleeved grey one. BOOM.

Jumpers: 4

One smart, fitted grey v neck for smarter events.
One cray Christmas jumper because everyone should own one, right?
The purple is an oversized vintage gold jumper. It’s the only purple item but I jsut can’t part with it! Lastly, I have an oversized super casual Bugs Bunny number from Lazy Oaf.

These aren’t the most neutral of my wardrobe and may need tweaking in the future! I’d like to possibly add a grey chunky knit cardi into the mix.

Other items: 
One pair of cream dungarees, one blue playsuit, one grey mini skirt.
All are mega fun but not worn as much as the other stuff.

So, there you have it! Obviously it would look very different if I worked in a formal office environment so adapt yours to suit your needs. Another point worth mentioning is that most often, people seem spend more money on things they rarely wear: wedding outfits etc whereas I would recommend spending more on things that are worn all the time, even if those things are casual. I’ve gone through so many cheap pairs of leggings; now I make sure to spend that much more and get ones that will last the test of time.

Would you ever go for a capsule wardrobe?
Do you go crazy for bargains or buy quality items that will last?



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19 thoughts on “Minimalism: My Capsule Wardrobe

  1. It’s the best feeling! When i decluttered, I found myself really enjoying it. it’s kind of embarassing, but I talked to my clothes like a reality show judge. “I’m sorry but I don’t wear you. It’s a no from me” or “flattering blouse? Chante, you stay.”


  2. Great advice to focus more on capsule functionality that to get swayed away on building the perfect monochrome wardrobe. Your individual items do not look minimalistic but I bet the complete collection would work efficiently for people who are not that interested in wearing blacks, whites and nudes. Lovely post😊


    1. Thank you! I get what you mean; I definitely go for the minimalistic function rather than the aesthetic 😂 I like living with less but don’t want to compromise my personal style 😊


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