Minimalism: Coat and Shoe Collection



After having a GIANT wardrobe sort out and tweaking items here and there, my capsule wardrobe is complete!
I thought you might want to snoop what I have, so this post contains all outerwear (shoes and coats) and there will be another post coming up soon, which includes all other wardrobe items, huzzah!

I waited a while before writing these posts as I wanted to test out the summer items. I did all my decluttering throughout winter so there was a chance I’d have to make some changes once the sun decided to show itself.

The final item count is: 53
This includes coats, shoes and clothes but not hand bags, workout wear, underwear or pyjamas.

Today I’m breaking down my coats and shoes! I used the KonMari method and went through it a few times. I didn’t really have a number goal; I just kept the items that I felt I needed to. BTW I’m sure there are people with less than 9 pairs of shoes but these are the ones that suit my current lifestyle so here they stayed!

Shoes: 9

Black Birkenstocks:
AKA the shoes for the whole of summer. I paid £50 ish for them and I expect them to last for a very long time! They are the most comfy sandals I’ve ever owned and they go with pretty much every outfit.

Black Loafers:
The posh shoes for formal occasions from Spring to Autumn. I’d wear these for meetings, weddings and anything that surpasses ‘casual’.


Grey Running Trainers:
These are for running (obvs), workouts and anything that involves mud.

Grey Nike Trainers:
These are my ‘posh’ trainers. They’re not for mud or rain but if I’m going somewhere that falls in between ‘posh’ and ‘super casual’. Ie, I have to keep them clean and respectable looking.

Black Waterproof Trainers:
These are probs the least ‘needed’ but I think it’s always worth having completely waterproof shoes and as I walk a lot, they do get worn.


Grey Pointed Boots:
I heart these. They’re not waterproof (boo!) but are super smart so would wear them for winter formal events as well as slightly more casual outings.

Brown Pointed Boots:
These are similar but are waterproof and a bit more battered. Also, they are ridiculously comfyyyy!


White Snow Boots:
These are the biggest fluffiest warmest snow boots I’ve ever seen. They are for the ‘proper’ winter; Hello minus temperatures.

White Adventure Time Doc Martens:
I was considering selling these but…. they’re neutral and excellent quality so I gave them a second chance. If all goes to plan and I move to a colder country, it will be worth having some good winter shoes.


Coats: 2

Big Navy Winter Coat:
I got this from Next and it’s so warm and cosy! Perfect for the chilly winter months.

Khaki Parka Coat:
I’ve had this about 8 years but it’s still going strong! It’s thinner and less waterproof than the navy one, so I’ve kept it for the spring and autumn months.

I do have some jackets but those will be part of the next wardrobe post!

I feel my capsule wardrobe is quite different from the ones I’ve seen on other blogs and on Pinterest. Basically, your wardrobe needs to suit your needs so while you can use others as a guide, predominantly it’s down to you to make the final decisions.
I work from home, never wear heels and very rarely have ‘posh’ events to go to so my wardrobe heavily reflects this.

I haven’t missed anything that I got rid of and I love having more space in my house and wardrobe. Not to mention, packing is so much easier!

Would you ever cut your wardrobe down?



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4 thoughts on “Minimalism: Coat and Shoe Collection

  1. I’m obsessed with shoes and coats and will have to work really hard to downsize. (I’m yet to read Marie Kondo’s book) I’m SLOWLY becoming a minimalist and it’s always nice to see how other people have done it.

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