How to find your Perfect Job Role


Job titles alone cannot bring you happiness and satisfaction within your career. There are SO MANY factors to consider when hunting for the perfect job. When I left university I didn’t even know of half the possibilities that are out there, let alone have the means to make a decision about which one to pick.

After much researching, reading and learning about myself (I do love a qood ole quiz!), I’m able to share my small portion of wisdom and hope it helps some of you out there, who are equally as stuck as I was.

Answer these questions, jot down your answers and then let yourself loose upon the world wide web and get searching for suitable roles. Don’t feel limited in any way, there are thousands of options, some that you’re probably not even aware of yet.

1  What’s your idea of the perfect lifestyle?

Do you need routine to function? Or variation in general life? Are you a morning person? Like to travel? Prefer to stay in one place?

For example, mine would be:

  • I like having freedom to go anywhere at any time
  • I like to travel but also have a base
  • No strict routine or working hours
  • I don’t mind working weekends or unsocial hours
  • I like getting up early
  • I hate commuting; working from home or a short walk to work is ideal




2  Which factors within the role would give you job satisfaction?

This includes day to day tasks, size of the company, number of colleagues, types of work involved etc so have a think about what you would love to spend each day doing and whom it would be with.

For example, mine would be:

  • Variation within my job role.
  • I like to be my own boss and have creative control over my work
  • A mixture of working alone and with people
  • Creative, physical and academic challenges
  • Opportunity to learn new skills



3  What are your morals, values and beliefs?

Are you vegetarian? Care about the environment? Are you a capitalist? Do you like helping people?

These things will affect your job satisfaction and intrinsic rewards, so make sure to consider these when looking for companies or opportunities and pick ones that coincide with your values.

This also relates to the type of industry you would want to work in. Pick an industry that you’re passionate about. Having a general interest in the area will help you no end.

For example, mine would be:

  • I believe creativity and the arts should be taken just as seriously in schools as academic subjects
  • I think the education system needs a complete overhaul
  • I care about my health and helping others to improve theirs.
  • I hate how much consumerism drives peoples’ lives
  • I hate how much food and general stuff is wasted
  • I like everything to be as efficient as possible

4  What are your goals for the future?

If your goal is to be a millionaire, then working for a charity or in social care most probably won’t get you there.
If you want to be able to spend the school holidays with your kids, then a role in a school or college would be great!

Make sure your goals are attainable when considering various industries and job roles.

For example, mine are:

  • I’d like to have multiple income streams
  • I’d like to have over 50% of my income come from passive income
  • I’d like to increase community spirit
  • I want to continue working for myself
  • I want to be able to have the freedom and financial stability in order to travel when I wish
  • I want to own multiple properties
  • I want to live abroad


5  What are your personality traits, strengths and weaknesses?

There are a phenomenal amount of personality tests online; some of the most well known being the Myers Briggs, Belbin and IPIP NEO.

Use these to find out a bit more about what makes you tick and write down all your strengths and weaknesses.

The weaknesses is where we start! Next to each one write down 3 ways that you can improve them. For example:

Weakness= Organisation. Fix it by making a to do list every day, set up a calendar which syncs from your phone to your computer and look to the week ahead to be clear on any upcoming deadlines/events that need to be remembered!

Improving on any weak areas and having confidence in your strengths will really enhance your chances for bagging that dream role!


Use your answers from these questions and throw yourself into browsing for potential jobs! Each of the personality test results should also suggest possible career options that are suited to you.

I hope this has been helpful and let me know what your dream role is!



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5 thoughts on “How to find your Perfect Job Role

  1. This was actually really interesting and it made me think a lot about what my ideal job role would be. I think I’d love to dabble in photography more as a business. I love being behind the camera, as well as editing and I can imagine being flexible with it x


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