House Plants


After my recent trip to Copenhagen, I have been even more obsessed with plants. Every single cafe and shop I went in was overflowing with greenery, inside and outside!

There were flower (blomster) shops on every corner and it made the whole city look even more beautiful. Not to mention that many house plants are great for purifying the air (they breathe out oxygen which we can then breathe in, thanks guys!).

Anyway, so when I got home I made it my mission to fill some gaps in my house with plants. In case you don’t know, I’ve been on a massive decluttering spree for the last few months so although I’m free from junk, there are some empty spaces that could do with having some life injected into them.

ALL of these guys are super easy to care for and all of them cost me £2 or less so check your local garden shops/markets for some amazing bargains. (I got a couple of Wilkinsons as well, so that might be worth a browse).


The ivy sits on the top of a cabinet and I’m hoping he’ll grow quite quickly and cascade across the walls and drape down a bit too. He’s really easy to look after; I’ve placed him in bright but indirect sunlight and let the soil go dry before watering him.


This post wouldn’t be complete without a succulent, would it?! I’ve had this little guy a while now, I water him once a week or so and keep him in direct sunlight, on the windowsill.


I absolutely love Vera! She gave me a scare a while back but is now back on track! Aloes don’t like being cold AND wet so make sure it’s warm, in indirect sunlight and don’t over water.


This fellow was £1 from Wilkinsons! He just looked so happy and perfect, I had to nab him up! He’s also in indirect sunlight and is generously watered during summer.

Tomatoes, Rosemary and Red Brussel Spouts

I’ve dabbled in growing before and am slowly getting better! These tomatoes and sprouts are doing great; the next step is to repot them so each sprout has more room to continue growing. The rosemary took AGES to germinate but is now ploughing on, yay!

I’ve also got some carrots growing outside and basil on the sunniest window sill. I’ve become way more successful with growing since the old killing cacti days!

I find having plants in the house is much better than random decorative items. They purify the air, look totally beaut and bring a touch of the outside in. Ahhh nature.

Which plants do you have?



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