Why Everyone Should Travel


I haven’t yet travelled as much as I’d like to, but even the little bit I have done has been such an eye opening experience. It doesn’t matter how often you go, or how long you go for, it still seems to become an amazing experience and is full of fun!

Here are my top reasons why you should at least travel an ickle bit!

1  You gain an understanding and appreciation of other cultures, religions and languages

I LOVE experiencing other cultures, hearing the languages and learning a bit of history about the countries I visit.  We, as a society, tend to fear the unknown so having the opportunity to meet people with different beliefs and traditions is a precious life lesson. It increases your respect for other people and builds bonds between nationalities.


2  You learn

Communication skills, organisation, facing your fears… the opportunities to learn are endless! I’ve faced many fears through traveling to new places and after a few trips I feel much more confident about hopping on a plane and exploring a new country!

3  It keeps/makes you open minded

You will meet such a huge variety of people, each with different situations, beliefs and ways of life. At the end of the day, it makes you realise that we’re all human and have much more in common that we have differences.


4  The world is big

Do you want to stay in the same little town, in the corner of the same little country when there is so much to see and experience? I get that there are hurdles to overcome in order to travel the world and I myself, prefer little flitty trips that one big round the world one. But… I do want to experience as much as possible, see as many places as I can and eat all the different foods possible!


5  You’ll grow

You’ll find out what you like, don’t like, you’ll have intriguing conversations and try new things. There’s no way you can experience all this and not grow as a person. Not to mention  tackling insecurities, overcoming fears and unleashing potential that you didn’t even know was there. YAY for growth!


Have you travelled much?
Where would you like to visit most?



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