How to Wedding on a Budget


Since I started to plan my wedding I’ve realised what a ridiculously expensive shenanigan it can be!

I’m obviously not going to pay £12k plus for ONE DAY so here are my tips and tricks to doing it on the cheap and making it all the more personal along the way.

1  Look at village halls and barns as possible venue choices.

I’ve managed to bag a 1930s-esque village hall for £500 and I get exclusive use from Friday to Sunday. I’m free to source my own decor and catering but tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery and a PA system are included in the price!

2  Ask for help putting your ceremony together instead of gifts.

There’re loads of little decorative items that I’ve listed all priced between £5 and £20 which would make ideal little gifts. I’m sourcing many items from charity shops and car boot sales as well, so even if every guest gave me the money they would have spent on a card, it will all add up. Plus, this makes our ceremony all the more personal, for ourselves AND our guests.


3  Look at ‘worn once’ wedding dresses.

Wedding dresses can cost upwards of £800 so have a search for one that’s been worn only once before. There are shops and websites dedicated to this premise and you can snatch up bargains for around £150 – £300.

4  Spend your money on the things that are important to you.

I’ve chosen to spend the bulk of my budget on a band, photographer and illustrator (You’re welcome, Gwennan haha) as the photos and illustrations I’ll be keeping forever. The band were just completely perfect for my theme and included a dance lesson for guests prior to their set, which was the icing on the cake for me. Plus, I’m a musician, so there’s a huge appreciation there.

5 Cut your budget on the right things.

Food, flowers and booze have taken a hefty cut from my budget. I can’t deal with spending loads of money on real flowers so I’m making an origami bouquet for myself and my bridesmaids (£1.80 for the paper, bargain!). For food, our local pizza place will be catering, which means not only does everyone get a whole pizza each but we’ll be supporting a small business.

I’m providing some Prosecco for the tables but also asking guests to bring a bottle. This means they get to drink their choice of beverage and don’t have to pay for an overpriced glass of wine at a venue. Winners all round, methinks!

6  Get crafty!

Get a load of your friends together and see if you can make any pieces of decor, place names or centre pieces. The only limit is your imagination!


Do you have any tips to add?
Would you happily get married on a budget?



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5 thoughts on “How to Wedding on a Budget

  1. Brilliant post! I am currently doing my wedding on a budget and I completely agree with everything you have said! Pretty much my whole blog so far is me trying desperately to make crafty things for the wedding to save money! It’s ridiculous that the minute you say the word “wedding” normal things immediately become double the price, I’m not even going to book an MUA for a wedding session I’m just going to book me and my bridesmaids in as if it was for the races or something! So much cheaper


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