A Shiny New Bullet Journal


I started a new bullet journal at the beginning of the year and although my aim has never to been to make it super pretty, it had gotten to a catastrophic state.

I had SO many notes and lists, some that were no longer needed and frankly, it was starting to hurt my brain. Information overload much.

So last week I figured I’d go for a Leuchtturm (predominantly for the dotted pages I’m not gonna lie) and start a fresh new BuJo.

Er Mer Gerd, best thing I ever did. I’ve basically taken things I needed out my old one, revamped them and wrote them into my new one, taking a bit more care along the way.

My beautiful new baby; a grey Leuchtturm.

There’s nothing quite like a brand new notebook, right?

I had some inspirational type post cards and prints on my wall so I decided to make the wall clearer and stick them in my bujo, for little positive reminders.

Be brave.

I love the Index page as the lines keep everything in tact. I’m prone to very messy, wonky writing so they were a bit of a lifesaver. It’s the simple things!


Page 1 shows my goals for the year. These are pretty much the same, some have been tweaked and I added a couple more; this worked particularly well as they all fitted on the page perfectly, THANKS!
Previously I was worried that spending a lot of time doodling defeated the point of being organised and productive but I did enjoy making this page all pretty and the dotted pages make everything much neater and easy to keep track of.


Next up we have 2017 Measurables. These relate to some of the goals and allow me to keep track, seeing how many more I have to go. I think I’m pretty on track at the moment, but no doubt this page will give me a boost to keep going. Is there anything more satisfying that checking a box? No I don’t think so!


Social Media trackers are a similar concept. I didn’t involve social media within my goals as I don’t want to get too bogged down with it. It is an important aspect of any business/blog but I personally want my focuses to lie elsewhere. That being said, I still aim to build my following steadily so this is my way of tracking where I’m at.


I’m in the process of filling my house with plants (post coming soon!) so I decided to make a little plant page where I can sketch plants I have or want. It serves as a little reminder and is way more pretty than another list!

The food page is my way of trying to stay healthy and organised! It’s easy to get a bit lost and end up overspending on food so I’ve logged 6 mega easy, healthy meals which I rotate between and a little shopping list which includes all the stuff I need to make them. BOOM.


My Monthly Logs are slightly different in this new shiny bujo. Rather than write out the whole month, I’m just going to keep track of important dates in the top half of the page and the bottom will be filled with little scribbles about things that made me happy or proud that month.
Rather than my journal being filled with things to do, I’m trying to add memories and make it a little diary too! This way I can look back at the month and be reminded of all the wonderful things, yay! I guess it works as a mini gratitude journal as well.

Lastly, my reading list. My goal is to read 20 books this year so I log all the titles of the ones I’ve read or want to read here. It’s helpful to look back and it’s nice to see them all together on a lil shelf, naww!
(The black outlined ones are ones I’ve read).


I’ll probably treat you all to another post once Ive nestled further into my leuchtturm but for now, this is what I’m starting with. Obviously I’m adding daily to do lists but you know what they look like, haaaa!

Do you use a bullet journal?
What pages have you found most helpful?



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