My Top Copenhagen Cafes


After my second trip to Copenhagen, I am officially in love with this city. My plan is to move there, so this trip was about sussing out various locations and meeting lovely people! Along the way I got to venture into some of the cutest little cafes and taste the most wonderful coffee.

I figured this deserved its own blog post because everyone loves an awesome coffee shop, right?

First up, 42Raw. This cute little cafe is in the heart of Copenhagen and is entirely plant based. They offer a range of smoothies, breakfast options, meals, coffee and cakes, which all look and taste incredible; the meal portions are also quite hefty, which is always good in my book! It does sway slightly to the more expensive side, but it’s worth it as a one off or for a treat.
I grazed on a burger, veggie juice, coffee and coconut cake throughout the week. NOM.

CUB definitely wins the award for best interiors. Minimal, Scandi chic; it was filled with plants and Danish style furniture. The downside was that they don’t offer plant based milks but we made the most of the black coffee and juice, which were to die for.
Make sure to map this one as it’s a little basement cafe tucked away down a side street, close to the main centre.


Ahhh Joe & The Juice! It’s been dubbed the new Starbucks and it does feel like a more current, ‘cooler’ version of the coffee shop mothership. Although it felt a little TOO cool for me, I took full advantage of the range of juices and smoothies and visited a couple different branches throughout my trip.
You’d be hard pushed to wander Copenhagen without coming across one of these bad boys and the late opening times mean it’s an ideal hangout if you’re off the booze!


My most favourite coffee shop that I found has to be Rist Kaffe Bar. It’s the most adorable little rustic cafe in the Frederiksberg/Vesterbro area of Copenhagen. The coffees were small but perfectly formed and the quality was excellent. The interiors were minimal with a small choice of food and cold drinks but it all worked perfectly.
The service was great and the atmosphere was super friendly, definitely check it out if you’re in the area!


All in all, it was the most fun I’ve had on a trip so far; the right amount of exploring and relaxing.

I hope you enjoyed my coffee shop insights!

What’s your favourite coffee shop?
Do you enjoy scouting out new ones?



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7 thoughts on “My Top Copenhagen Cafes

  1. You’re moving to Copenhagen?! I’m so jealous! I got married there and I fell in love with the city. If I hadn’t already spent so long getting myself settled in Germany I would gladly move there too 🙂

    There were a few cafes/coffee places in Copenhagen that I absolutely loved. One of the two best coffees I had was at The Coffee Collective. I think there are three locations throughout Copenhagen, and although I only went to the one in Frederiksberg I’m sure they are all amazing. The barista was very knowledgeable, the interior was minimal but classy and there was outdoor seating. Highly recommended.

    My other favorite coffee was at ROAST Coffee. The apartment I stayed in was right near it, which was super convenient. It’s a tiny place with not a lot of space, but there’s also outdoor seating, the barista was excellent there as well and the coffee is very high-quality, just like The Coffee Collective.

    And finally, if you want the most decadent, buttery croissant you’ve ever had in your life, you have to try Alimentari. It’s tucked away and can be a little tricky to find, but it’s so worth it! I didn’t try the coffee here but the croissants and other pastries are amazing.

    Danielle |


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