Minimalism: Things I no longer buy


If you feel overwhelmed with how much stuff you have or are trying to budget then I’m hopeful that this list will help you know what to sack off, while saving you some dollar along the way!

1  Haircuts

My hairstyle preference is the messy ‘bedhead’ style so I can totally get away with cutting it myself. I have a pair of hairdresser scissors and some thinning scissors (£10 from eBay for both). If you don’t feel brave enough to try it yourself, start with simply trimming the ends. You can’t go wrong, especially with the help of YouTube!

2  Most toiletries

Moisturiser, concealer, bubble bath, shampoo, conditioner… I stick to the basics which include toothpaste, deodorant, soap and coconut oil. You skin will be thankful for this one, as well as your wallet!

3  Clothes/shoes/bags

My capsule wardrobe is now complete and I have no intention of buying anymore until an item breaks or wears out. No more shopping for me!

My wardrobe caters to the full year and includes 55 items (clothes, coats and shoes combined) and 4 bags (rucksack, smart, small handbag and large handbag).

4  Ornamental items/decor

I’ve been really strict with the ‘if I don’t need it, I’m not buying it’ thing. I’m mega happy with my clear house so it makes it easier to stop myself buying things.

I have just started wedding planning so I will be sourcing some decor for that, but that doesn’t count, right?


I thought I should also include some things that I’ve always lived without. I understand that everyone is in a different situation but here are some items I’ve always managed to avoid living with:

1  Iron/ ironing board/ iron related items

I don’t work in an office but I imagine if you need a freshly pressed shirt everyday this might be a tricky one. I hang my clothes up to dry so they don’t really crease and if they do, I just live with it (haha).

2  Dishwasher

I just wash up, old school.  I do so with Asda value washing up liquid, boom! I do find that working from home means I have to wash up twice or three times a day but it does save space and money.

3  Tumble Dryer

I’ve never had one and after my clothes airer and washing line broke (what are the chances?!) I literally peg my clothes in a little under cover section of the garden. There’s a little roof that covers a little space next to the back door so I’ve attached those wire clothes airers that are meant to go over a radiator, to the fence and viola! It’s like a make shift outdoor laundry room!

4 Television

We have a TV in the house which the boy uses for gaming and we use for watching films but I’ve never had a TV licence or a cable package!

Could you live without these things?
What do you sacrifice when you want to save space or money?



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13 thoughts on “Minimalism: Things I no longer buy

  1. Most of the things you mentioned that you’ve always gone without are the same for me. My husband got an iron from his parents, but I never use it, and we also don’t have a dryer or TV service (other than Netflix). I don’t buy clothing very often, either, and when I do, 90 percent of it is used.

    The main things I don’t buy anymore are pads and tampons. I switched to a menstrual cup a few years ago and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. I’ve tried several but my favorite by far is the Lunette cup. As well as making my period as close to carefree as possible, it saves a lot of waste and is so much healthier. I didn’t know until after I made the switch that pads and tampons are not required to be sterile and can contain all sorts of toxins and bacteria, which makes me even more glad that I don’t use them anymore. If anyone reading this has considered a menstrual cup but just hasn’t taken the plunge yet, do it! It’s not an exaggeration when I say that using a menstrual cup has changed my life for the better.

    Danielle |

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  2. Purely due to not having outside space, I couldn’t live without my tumble dryer. I also don’t have a dishwasher, or ironing board.
    I could do with a decent clear out in my flat! We have collected so much junk and the main issue is we will just keep bringing it with us. Do you have any posts on starting on a Minimalist Journey? I’d be very interested!



  3. I find TV to be sort of useless. I have my laptop and do everything from there. An ironing board is something that I need in my daily life, but I agree with you on the dishwasher–never had one, don’t think i’ll ever need one.


  4. I was a hairstylist for a few years before I decided to go back to school. I definitely don’t get my hair cut anymore beyond what I can do myself and I’ve saved so much money. I started making lots of my own cosmetics/products like face powder and lotion, and coconut oil is amaaaazing for everything!!!! Great post!


    1. Thank you 😊🖤 ah that’s awesome! I’ve thought about doing a basic hair course to get a bit more knowledge but I get by so haven’t got round to it yet. Well done for making your own cosmetics! I definitely need to start doing that 🙈


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