Journey to Gymnastics Part 10: Health Apps!


I’ve been playing around with workouts this month and I’ve settled on this one for now.
My aim is to continually try different things and adapt my exercise regime to my current situation. For this one I’ve tried to include exercises for lots of different muscles while keeping it reasonably short and high intensity. Rather than scheduled rest time, I only take a few seconds if I feel I need to.

5 chin ups
5 pull ups
20 plie squats with tip toes (I hold small weights)
20 side lunges
20 plie squats with tip toes (holding 8lb ball)
20 side lunges
50 Russian twists with 8lb ball
50 ab crunches
50 supermans (supermen?)

The first time I did this I pretty much ached all over! I also have a little abs workout that I do if I’m really short of time. Try it out!

My Little Abs Workout

10 straight leg sit ups
10 v sits
10 ab crunches
(4 sets) 

It’s so quick but really does the job! You can adjust the number of reps/sets to your needs but try and include all three types. V sits are the hardest by far!

I’ve been stretching before every workout and practising bridges. There is progress but it’s so slow! I would recommend to anyone to not lose the flexibility you have as a child; it’s so difficult to get it back!


I have been HUNTING for a vegan protein bar that has more than 10g of protein forEVER. I found this one in my local health food shop and it’s perfect.
The reviews have said it’s more of a meal replacement as it has over 400 calories but I’ve had one as a snack, alongside 3 other small, healthy meals that day.
At £2.42 per bar, it’s not something I’ll be eating on a daily basis but they’re ideal if you’re in a rush or for a traveling day. I’ll be taking a couple on my next trip fo sho.


I’ve been all over the health apps this month, so I thought it would be fun to make that this month’s theme! Here are the ones I’ve been a longstanding fan of as well as some I’m just trying out for the first time.

Ahh, I heart my Fitbit!

I’ve had my Fitbit for a few months now and have literally worn it every day. I love the app, it’s so easy to use; after your stats and goals have been inputted you can start challenges with friends and input any exercise you do.

I’m thinking of upgrading to a model that includes heart rate as I have a very basic second hand flex, feel free to send me your recommendations!

My target for daily steps is 12,500 which I generally achieve on a week day. On most weekend days I get to around 8-10K.

It’s a great way to monitor how active you are though, and the challenges inject a fun, competitive side which works wonders for me!



I used this app a while ago and then stopped but recently I’ve picked it up again. In the back of my mind, I do wonder if I’m missing any nutrients or not getting enough protein so I log my food for a few days at a time, just to check everything’s as it should be.

You can enter you stats (height, weight) etc and your goal and it will set the amounts of carbs, protein and fats you should be having.

After inputting your food (below, left), it then tells you how much of each nutrient you’ve had so far. It includes all vitamins, minerals, omega 3, the list is endless!

This image (below) only includes macronutrients and vitamins and this is after having only my morning smoothie. You can see what went in the smoothie in the image above.

This day pretty much filled up each nutrient to 100% or more.
The day’s post smoothie food included: some porridge, a baked sweet potato with hummus, salad and tofu, some granola and almond milk and a bean chilli with wholegrain rice and avocado.

It’s great for finding out what, if anything, you’re lacking in. I’ve found that generally what I eat gives me all the nutrients I need, albeit sometimes pushes me over the sugar limit, especially if it’s a cake day! It’s reassuring to know that my body’s getting everything it needs and that I’m not kidding myself, as well as making me more aware of which foods contain which nutrients.

Couch to 5K

This is an app that I’ve just started trying for the first time. I’ve heard a lot of people rave about it so thought I’d see for myself. I’ve been doing a mile run some mornings as a warm up but I know that to improve, I need to pace myself and push it a bit harder.

Couch to 5K includes 3 sessions a week, so it’s not at all overwhelming and starts with just 15 or 20 minutes a day. As you can see, the time is split into little running and walking sections. I’ll give you an update next month of how I’m getting on.

Let me know if you use this app and how you’re getting on!


Which health and fitness apps do you swear by?



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