Confused about health fads?


So, there’s a lot of stigma, disagreements and controversy surrounding certain terms regarding diet at the moment.
I’ve always sworn by keeping it simple and eating more healthy foods and less unhealthy/processed foods but there are many options out there that draw people in.
I eat a plant based diet but that’s for many reasons, not just health.

I thought I’d put my two cents in and tell you my views on these fads and how I interpret them. I imagine different things work for different people, but the diet industry makes a giant profit from selling people stuff they don’t need, so just try to be vigilant and do your research before going ahead with anything.


To me, a detox is a short period of time where you cut out all junk or processed food and have a few days of extreme health. There are a lot of opinions floating around about how a ‘detox’ is impossible because your organs already detox your body; that’s their job!
This is true but how I see it is: Can your kidneys or other organs work to their full potential without giving them all the nutrients they need?

Although I don’t use the word ‘detox’, I see it as a dose of healthy food, lots of fruits and vegetables and giving your body everything it needs. Ideally this should be done every day obviously, but fast paced lifestyles and continuous temptations make this very hard.

So when someone says “I’m going to do a detox”, instead of coming back at them with unhelpful comments, just encourage them and ask what exactly they’re planning on eating and for how long.

I get that this can also be taken too far. No one should live off carrot juice for a week so if you ARE thinking of doing a hardcore bout of healthy eating make sure to research, do it sensibly and remember to listen to your body; everyone’s different so do what’s right for you. Your body isn’t going to function if it’s not getting enough calories so it’s imperative to get this right.

And while we’re on this subject, just to make it clear, I don’t anyone should EVER give up potatoes or swap noodles for a vegetable in the shape of a noodle. People need carbs, mmkay?


Eating clean:

I think the vegetable noodle thing possibly applied to this section more so. Eating clean is another enigma that seems to have got a bad reputation. I guess some people take it too far but as far as I’m aware, or how I interpret it, is that eating clean means to cut out processed food. A healthy, nutritious ‘clean’ diet for me would consist of fruits, vegetables (including potatoes), whole grains (rice, oats etc), nuts and seeds.

I’m interested to hear your view on this, but I don’t see s problem personally, as long as you’re eating enough calories, getting the right amount of nutrients and listening to your body.

Meal Replacement Shakes:

Yes, Herbalife, Juice Plus etc, I’m talking to you! Now to me, these are all bad news. Herbalife has a ridiculous amount of sugar and caffeine which isn’t good for you in the long run but might make you feel great in the short term.
The sugar is ‘fructose’ which they tell you is okay because it’s ‘natural sugar, from fruit’. It’s still not okay. Sugar in fruit is okay in small amounts because the composition of the fruit affects how your body absorbs it. Extract that sugar, whack it in a shake and it’s just not the same.

I would heavily advise you to avoid these shakes. They’re expensive, unhealthy and you’ll probably end up trying to sell them to your friends. No one wants to be dragged into a pyramid scheme, thanks!

My view on this is that there is no quick and easy way to lose weight, not if you want it to be sustainable and healthy. Eat good food and don’t eat bad food. It really is that simple, and if you want to do it enough, you will!


What are your views on these?
Have you ever tried a fad diet?



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3 thoughts on “Confused about health fads?

  1. Can you just be my health and fitness guru please? I need a post on good exercises for toning up your stomach plz and thank you. Great post as always my love, especially love the bit about detoxing, I’m never sure about it! xx


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