5 Ways to Increase Positivity


This is something I’m throwing myself into working on at the moment. I’m determined to reduce negativity and the impact it has on my daily life. I’m visualising my goals as a reality, in the present moment, attempting to stop overthinking things that scare me and jump right in. BOOM.

I hope this list helps you.

1  As soon as a negative thought enters your head, stop and change it into a positive one.

I get that this is much easier said than done but with hard work and will power it will happen over time! Mental strength is so important to your wellbeing and visualisation makes such an impact on your self esteem, abilities and attitude.
If you’re entering a scary situation (a job interview, meeting or exam), visualise the perfect scenario. Go over in your head how you WANT it go, tell yourself your completely capable and go smash it! Practice this at every opportunity and see if you notice a difference in the outcomes.

2  Surround yourself by people who list you up, inspire you and make you happy.

Try to remove from your life anyone who tries to belittle you, is jealous or focuses on the negative points of anything you have to say.
If you’re around people who are achieving things similar to your own goals, their presence, energy and advice will help you get their faster.

3  Eat well and exercise.

I know this always comes up on my lists, soz! But it is an important one. The better you feel on the inside, the better you’ll feel on the outside and you’ll be ready to take on the day and tackle all of life’s obstacles.

4  Embrace failure!

Instead of overthinking, increasing fear and worrying about what could go wrong, take a leap of faith and if everything goes tits up then look at what you’ve learnt from the experience.
What would you differently next time? Which parts went well? In every failure there will no doubt be something, even a tiny element that did go well. Take this and run with it.


5 Count all the things you’re grateful for.

We’ve all heard of a gratitude journal! When something angers or annoys me, I’m focusing on looking at the bigger picture and realising that everything could be a lot worse. Anger only affects YOU, not the person or thing that has annoyed you. Is it worth your energy?

Do you find it easy to stay positive?
What tips would you add to the list?
Let me know in the comments!



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