My 2017 Bullet Journal


I started 2017 with the plan to make my bullet journal super pretty. My old one got very messy and scribbley so I thought the new year would be a great time for a fresh, sparkly new bujo.

Obviously we’re a month in and it is in no way pretty. BUT, I’ve switched things up a bit and I have found that I’m so much more productive this year so I thought I’d share some of the pages I have in my trusty bujo and the methods I’ve come across that have increased productivity.

I think the main factor is that I’ve changed from weekly To Do lists to daily. So rather than overwhelming myself with a week’s worth of tasks and noting every day the ones that I CAN’T complete that day, I’m focusing on 3 tasks per day and not looking too much ahead. This has worked phenomenally well. Most of the time I complete them all before the end of the day as I don’t waste time deliberating or procrastinating and then am free to work on the next day’s or spend time studying or researching for my next project.

Mentally, I feel great because I’m on top of everything and I feel like I’m overachieving by completing the day’s tasks and more; in the last couple of weeks I’ve managed to get things done that I’ve been putting off for ages!
In my weekly lists last year, I used to just move things along to the next week if I didn’t want to do them or ran out of time, oops.

So, I would thoroughly recommend daily task lists; stay in the moment, focus on now. The little steps and accomplishments will keep adding up and get you prepared for tackling those larger goals.


I do have a little box with everyday tasks in. These are things that are relatively quick and easy and that I do every single morning before moving on to the daily to do list. I walk the dog and either run or do a workout (a little one if time is tight), before doing anything else as it wakes me up and makes me feel ready to tackle the day ahead.
I then catch up on admin because spending a little time each day makes it so much easier to manage.  Following that I spend roughly 30 minutes learning Danish and German and I schedule my social media for the next couple of days.


I find it really helpful to break up the productivity with fun little lists and reminders of what I hope to do in the future.

This is my little cities list. I have loved the city breaks I’ve done in the last couple of years so to continue seeing new places would be incredible.


Here is my full list of pages so far. I’ve filled up way more of my bujo that I should have, especially considering we’re only a couple of weeks into the year but hey ho, what you gonna do?

My 2017 Pages

1 Year Goals (Personal)
1 Year Goals (Blog)
1 Year Goals (Business)

Blog Mind Map– New ideas, visuals, niche and notes. I find it helps to write down everything that’s filling up my brain!

Cities I’d like to visit

Monthly logs– One page per month so I can see the month ahead and add in any events. Like a little mini calendar. Aw.

Daily Tasks- These are the everyday tasks that I mentioned up there.

My Wish List– Anything I want goes on here for a while to check I  need it before buying; a great trick for not failing at minimalism! I try to leave it for at least a month before purchasing anything.

Instagram– Ideas, filters, theme plans. As with my blog, I find it useful to write down visual ideas and plans.

My Week– A double page split into seven days, this is where my three daily tasks go.

Food– I picked 5 meals to rotate between and wrote a shopping list so I can make sure I have everything that’s needed for those meals, at all times. This helps with keeping healthy and saving time.

Long Term To Do List– This is generally bigger tasks/goals that will take all or a lot of the year. I refer back to this regularly, occasionally adding things to my daily tasks or taking little steps towards the bigger things.

2017 Focuses– I wrote about ten things to focus on that are based around my business, blog and personal ventures. For example: my blog’s twitter, my business YouTube etc. Everything I spend time on should be helping one of these focuses.

Blog Post Ideas- A list of blog posts I want to do… that one’s a bit obvious… soz.

Monthly To Do List-
Things that need to be done within the month but are not urgent.

My Run Times– I time myself on every run I do so I can see improvement. It’s a great way to increase motivation and will myself to keep going!

Social Media– My stats at the beginning of the year so I can then compare them to the end of the year.

I’ve left out 3 and 5 year goals this time as I’m not great at planning that far ahead and so my aims always chop and change. I prefer being micro-ambitious, staying in the moment and focusing on what’s right in front of me. I feel by doing this that it’s easier to avoid missing any opportunities and by always keeping an open mind, I’m hoping to be able to happily adapt to any change that comes along.

Come on 2017, let’s have ya!

What are your goals for this year?
How’s your BuJo looking?



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