Journey to Gymnastics Part 8: New year, new start!


Ah January… The month of health, fitness and new year’s resolutions.
I do set myself resolutions but I consider them more of ‘yearly goals’… Same thing really but without the negative connotations that seem to add pressure. That’s what I tell myself anyway!

As for my fitness journey, I have a single ‘yearly goal’. I feel like I’m securely into my journey now so exercising regularly and increasing strength goes without saying; that’s something I’m aiming to continue without making it into a set goal. Keeping it simple aye.

My goal for 2017 is to nail the backward walkover. It’s such a giant milestone and requires so much strength and flexibility. When I achieve it, I’ll really be able to see how far I’ve come. It also leads on to so many other skills.

I’m finding that I can gain strength quicker than flexibility so I need to put a lot of time into stretching and really push myself.
Although saying that… I can now do this. I don’t think it looks that impressive but I could in no way do it when I started out.


I’ll be putting a lot of time into practising bridges and different drills surrounding back flexibility as that is still my weakest link.


I thoroughly enjoy exercising (the gymnastics more than the conditioning but what is one without the other?!) so it wasn’t too difficult to not be completely slack over the Christmas period.

I stayed in a cabin over Christmas and I found a Trim Trail in the woods! A Trim Trail is a walking/running trail with bits of exercising equipment (made of wood) along the way.
So on Boxing Day I decided to take it on and managed to get through sit ups, pull ups, tricep dips, squats, monkey bars and more.

And then I literally ached for four days solid. It was so great to have a change though; it’s so important to mix it up in order to avoid boredom creeping in.





Nothing beats working out outdoors on a cold, sunny day though, right?

Since being back from the break I’ve made it my aim to run more as well. I’d got a little slack with running since the cold weather kicked in so I treated myself to a long sleeved running top and off I went!

The photo below is my silly/post run face! I’ve beat my one mile run time on almost every run so that’s pushing me to keep going and to keep improving.
I find it completely sets me up for the day; it gets my heart rate going and let’s be honest, nothing wakes you up more than a fast run along the sea front!


For Christmas I asked for a giant saucepan and I a giant saucepan is what I got… It’s twice the size of my head!
It’s proved itself already though. I’ve been PROPER batch cooking once a week and then freezing five or six meals to eat throughout the next fortnight or so. Before, I could make one or two extra meals if I was lucky so the saucepan is a hit!

Life is easier and simpler when you can grab a frozen but healthy meal and whack it in the microwave; especially on unplanned busy days.


I’m trying to be more organised with food in general. I have always tried but previously felt like it took up so much of my time. I’d go to our local greengrocer about three times a week to stock up on fruit and veg and then had to try and eat food up before it went off.

So… I’ve cleared out and organised the freezer and now the top draw is for smoothie ingredients! I’ve got a big tub of frozen mixed berries, bananas, spinach leaves, kale and ginger. All are absolutely fine being frozen and they last so much longer. It means less trips to the greengrocer because I can stock up and it makes the smoothies taste better as they’re ice cold. One stone, three birds and all that!


Have you set yourself any health and fitness goals for 2017?
What would you really like to achieve?



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