My Travel Bucket List


A few months ago I compiled my Bucket List which ended up super long and even then there was more that I could have added! It was great to see how much I’ve accomplished already and how much was left to do.

This time I’ve decided to go for a purely travel based bucket list as there are so many exciting things to experience and countries to explore.

I’ve scrubbed off anything I’ve already done so this is my brand new updated list of travel related things I want to do in my lifetime!

I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to add your own bucket list items in the comments.

1  Stay in a cabana in the Maldives


This has always been on my list and to me, it’s the ultimate luxurious, mind blowing holiday experience. I love how the cabanas are on decking that extends out into the sea; I can’t imagine how magical it would be to wake up to that view!

2  Go on a safari in Kenya

I want to dress in khaki, drive a safari jeep and explore the depths of Kenya while observing the animals that reside there in their natural habitat.


3  Go on a Northern Lights cruise

I absolutely love the Nordic countries and am working my way around each one but I especially want to see the Northern Lights. Seeing the lights from a ship deck offers a better view and these cruises also include the fjords and fishing villages of Norway, which sounds like such an amazing experience as well as providing a real taste of the country’s culture.


4  Visit Maison de Moggy, the cat cafe in Edinburgh


So, kitty cafes have been popping up all over the place but Edinburgh is on my list so I picked Maison De Moggy. Coffee and cats… what’s not to like?
If you’ve experienced a cat cafe, please fill me in!

5  Travel the coast of Croatia


There are so many parts of Croatia that stood out to me and I know a couple of people who have spent a few days in each place, working their way up the coast. So I nabbed this idea for my very own bucket list!

6  Road trip from New York to Los Angeles


I got a car recently, after passing my test 9 years ago, oops. My aim is to be able to drive anything, anywhere because I think that means the ultimate freedom! One day I want to drive from one side of the USA to the other, stopping at different cities on the way to soak up the range of cultures and sights within the country.

8  Bathe elephants in Nepal


Every morning dusty, dirty elephants are led to the Rapti River in Nepal for a bath and travellers are welcome to help out! I wanted to ride an elephant previously but found out about the animal cruelty involved, so I think this makes an excellent alternative.

9  Stay by lake Como in Italy


Most of my Europe breaks have been around 4 days in duration but I want to do a longer one in Italy. I’d like a couple of weeks to explore Milan and the lakes that are close by. Lake Como always grabbed me so would love to spend a bit of time there. Oh imagine the photos!

10  Cruise Southeast Asia


Being able to experience different parts of Southeast Asia and Singapore in one trip sounds amazing. This cruise includes stops in Vietnam, Hong Kong & Thailand and the photos look incredible. TAKE ME THERE PLEASE.

What has been your best travel experience?
Where do you want to go next?




This post was written in collaboration with Planet Cruise.

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16 thoughts on “My Travel Bucket List

      1. Hard to pick as they were all different, but if I had to do another one tomorrow it would be to see the Northern lights. They’re pretty spectacular and I love everything about the Nordics too so that would be a bonus!


  1. You can bathe elephants in Nepal? That is so cool! I once did it in Malaysia and I absolutely loved it. It’s definitely worth it.
    You’ve got great stuff on your bucket list. Lots of things I’d love to do, too (except never on a cruise ship – I get seasick just thinking about it).


  2. Pretty good! You must add the Taj Mahal here. If you do visit India, do not miss Rishikesh – the yoga capital of the world. I’m writing a blog on it and will post in a few days – you’d love it!


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