Minimalism: A Shopping Ban


Since I got back from Copenhagen I have been on a shopping ban!

I wanted to give myself time to clear out without restocking and to work out if I actually need anything. If so, I want to be more careful and thorough before making a purchase.

Shopping ban started:

So at the time of writing this it’s been 5 weeks, which doesn’t sound very long at all… But I’ve already noticed a difference financially. I’ve made £370 from selling things on eBay and the only outgoings I’ve had are from posting said things! (Obviously I have a tonne of outgoings but I’m talking about non necessities).

The only thing I’ve bought which I wasn’t sure about were two plant pots. They were £1 each and my herbs were starting to die because they’ve outgrown their pots so I figured I didn’t have much choice. Hopefully this doesn’t count as a Shopping Ban fail!

I’ve also bought a couple of Christmas presents which can’t really be avoided, but I have tried to get quality presents rather than quantity and I’ve bought people what they’ve asked for instead of buying for the sake of it.

At the moment, my house is three quarters clear and perfect and one quarter filled with piles of stuff waiting to be sold or donated! I’m getting there though and it has made the world of difference.

I feel excited to have less, which is weird, but also excited that I can now buy quality items when I do need them as I’ll be saving so much. I am aiming to buy things with the intention of them lasting forever and before I do I’m going to make sure that they tick all the boxes.

I’m not going to buy anything until well into next year when all the old stuff has gone but at the moment I have penciled a possible Wish List. I’m going to leave things on the list for at least a couple of months to check whether I definitely need them or if my preferences have changed. I’m hoping this will deter old habits of buying on a whim and bad purchasing choices!

This is my list so far:

White converse shoes or trainers:
I had a very mental shoe collection (I used to work for Irregular Choice) so many of my shoes were uncomfortable, brightly coloured or had some sort of teddy bear attached to them. What I may possibly lack is neutral shoes that can be worn for many occasions. I’m sorted for trainers and boots but I think some converse plimmies may just be the ticket.
My shoes collection isn’t finished yet though, so will wait and see.

Comfy summer shoes:
I’ve got some flip flops and sport sandals that are both very well worn so I could do with some good quality summer shoes that can be worn smart or casual. I’m thinking birkenstocks or sliders in grey so they’ll go with all my clothes!

Smart grey cardigan: 
I have a wedding to go to next year and the only cardigans/jackets I have are quite casual. It’s in April so I’m unsure of what the weather will be doing but I figured a grey cardigan that can be dressed up or down could work really well.

Good quality tin opener:
I have a single £1.29 tin opener that works sometimes and is going rusty! So I’m going to invest in a decent and compact one to save space and time.

Ta da!

This all feels very apt for the approaching new year as it means I can start completely fresh and go into 2017 with a clear idea of what I want to achieve.

But that’s all for now, let the sorting continue!

Would you ever reduce your belongings? Are you a shopping addict?



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11 thoughts on “Minimalism: A Shopping Ban

  1. I ahve tried spending bans a number of times and i end up in an all or nothing mentality of bingeing. However that said I am trying so hard to cut down in the sheer amount I am buying. I have just sat writing a post for January about how I am going to write a monthly list of things I am on the lookout for rather than just mindlessly buying things that end up hung in wardrobe and never worn,


    1. Aw, I guess different methods work for different people! That sounds like a good plan though 👌🏻 I try and imagine where I would put a new item or how it fit with the rest of wardrobe if it’s clothing. That seems to help haha ☺️


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