Journey to Gymnastics 7: ChristFITmas


Ahhh Christmas; snuggling, eating, lounging, dark evenings, advent calendars and getting merry. It’s pretty much the anti fitness month!

I’m not sure how the average fitness person deals with the festive season but I’ve been struggling with maintaining my no junk food plan since the clocks went back! This month I’ve dabbled in crisps and peppermint cremes, but I’ve still made sure to get the good nutritious stuff in there too, so it’s not all bad.

And to be honest, I don’t mind at all. I think I was worried that if I missed one workout or ate some junk food that I’d lose all my strength overnight. That isn’t the case. I haven’t noticed any weight gain or skill loss since wavering slightly so you know what… Bring on Christmas!

It’s so difficult to get the balance between being as healthy as you can/want to be and enjoying life’s little luxuries. I’m still working out obviously, but I have been choosing what to do each morning rather than pressuring myself to stick to a plan. I also haven’t been running in a while as the weather has demotivated me and I’ve been really busy with work so have struggled to find time throughout the day.

However, in the new year I’m going to start my next phase of programming (it was meant to be for November/December but Christmas funds haven’t allowed it), so I’m going to be a bit stricter then so I can really see the changes.
I have still seen progress this month though! I’ve been really working at stretching and building confidence with my newly learnt gymnastics skills. I’m still pushing to get a kick over by the end of month, but we shall see!


This month I found a little cafe in town that did a green smoothie so obviously I had to check it out. I get that it looks gross but it was so yummyyyy! It had spinach, apple, avocado, basil and apple juice. I realised that adding apple juice instead of milk is such a game changer!

I also cooked this mega yummy meal! It took about 10 mins and involves stir frying noodles, tofu and whatever veggies take your fancy with garlic, chilli and soy sauce.
In a bid to save time and  effort, I’ve decided on five tasty healthy meals that I can cook easily and I plan to rotate them throughout the week. I hate wasting time and energy thinking about what to cook so this should solve that problem!


My Christmas Goals:

1  Backbend to bridge
Achieved: 7/11/2016

2  Bridge kick over
I’m so close!

3  Cartwheel on the high beam with no big mats!

4  Squat on bars, catch the top bar

5  Straddle over on the vault
Achieved: 7/10/2016

I’m so determined to get that kick over! Unfortunately because of work and family visits I haven’t been able to make it to the gym club, which means I won’t get to reach goal 3 and 4. Those goals will stay on the list for the new year though.

This is just a little update on my fitness journey and to let you know that it’s okay to take a break sometimes and enjoy yourself without pressure. I’m doing this for fun and health so as long as those things aren’t being compromised, it’s all good!

Hope you’re enjoying the festive season so far.



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