Toying with Minimalism


Since I got back from Denmark, I’ve felt calmer and more focused with an added need to rid my life of anything and everything that I don’t need or love.

As mentioned in my Christmas & Minimalism post, within my business we’ve started piecing together a plan for how we can live and work abroad for a bit at some point, so I think this has had something to do with it. I want to make life as simple as possible, and I definitely don’t want to waste time and energy cleaning, moving and looking at things I’m not bothered about.

Earlier this year we redecorated our bedroom and I have absolutely loved walking into that room and it being cleaner, clearer and more minimal. It brings a sense of peace and calm; now Im trying to replicate this throughout the house and wardrobes.

I also came across this beautiful blog on Twitter, A Small Wardrobe, and it inspired me to ruthlessly get rid of clothes and shoes. At this point I’ve halved my clothes and shoe collection; some have been sold, given away and some I’m keeping separate just to check I don’t miss/need anything.

I didn’t feel too overwhelmed by the process, I just wanted to get rid! Although I did take it a step at a time. Here’s what I’ve done so far, in case you want to try it yourself.

1  Threw away all out of date/old make up and cosmetics

I have my essentials in my make up bag and a little draw with a few nail varnishes and lipsticks in. The only other things stored in my dressing table are my spare glasses and some perfume.

2  I took all my clothes out my wardrobe and tried them all on

I put the ones that fit and look great back in and the others got sorted into charity and eBay piles. I had another little pile of things I wasn’t sure I wanted to get rid of so they’ve gone in a separate cupboard for now.

3  Ditto with shoes

I used to work as a designer for a footwear brand so my shoe collection was very extensive. I boxed up 3 pairs (that I designed) to keep but not wear, I put ones I need back on the shoe rack and the rest got sorted into charity and eBay piles.

4  Cleared the bathroom

I threw away everything I didn’t need from the bathroom and now all that’s in the little cabinet is coconut oil, baking soda, essential oils and nail clippers. I have one soap in the shower, one by the sink and toothbrushes/toothpaste in a holder. I put two clean towels in there and folded the rest up and put them in the airing cupboard.

5  Recycled old paperwork and cards

I had about three big folders of papers so I sorted through it all (yawn) and have condensed it into one. The leftover folders went to charity.

6  Got rid of duplicates

This applies largely to the kitchen. There were so many cups, plates and tea towels that never got used so I kept a select few and put the rest in the charity bag.

7  Scoured the surfaces

I went around the house and looked at all the ‘stuff’ on each of the surfaces and asked myself ‘does this have a use?’ and ‘do I love this?’. My desk, dining table and window sills are now much clearer and it makes the whole room look better.


In addition to all the clearing I’ve decided to go on a shopping ban! I haven’t been a big shopper for a while now but I’ve still bought stuff. The aim is to only buy necessities and Christmas presents between now and January. I’m hoping to be able to save a bit of money and make a bit from selling as well.

Would you ever give your home or wardrobe a minimalism makeover?



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8 thoughts on “Toying with Minimalism

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  2. I’ve been doing the same thing in my room, and I love how neat it looks without a bunch of storage boxes holding things that I don’t need ! I feel like it’s nice to be a minimalist in such a materialistic society.



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