New Year’s Resolutions: The Verdict


It’s happened, I’ve done the unthinkable! For the first time ever…

I totes knocked my resolutions out the park!
I was more careful this year and picked ones that I thought were very doable and things that would really improve my quality of life.

1  Go somewhere new

I went to Amsterdam in May and Copenhagen in October. This one is going to appear on my resolution list every year as it’s so important to me to see and experience as much of this world as possible. I want to eat all the different cuisines, meet all types of people and witness all kinds of culture!

2  Expand my business

Myself and my boy run a music tuition business. This year I wrote and self published my first book (a beginner ukulele book aimed at kids). We’ve also got more teachers on board and a list of goals to tackle in the months and years ahead. ‘Citing!

3  Meditate

I don’t practice this as often as I should but I have learnt how to breathe properly, which sounds so silly! But it really helps with anxiety, as well as general wellbeing. I’ve tried to worry/rush/be impatient less and relax/breathe more.

4  Start ballet, gymnastics or yoga

I started my gymnastics journey and I’m so excited for it! I know there will be difficult times and I’ll get impatient, but I’m determined to keep going and continue improving.

5  Grow healthy hair

My hair is officially of a suitable length to match my preferences and in the best condition it’s ever been. I used to change my hair colour/style ALL the time and it really took its toll. I’ve given it a good break and now it’s happy!

6  Learn to do the splits

See point 4. Stretches are something I’ve been practising for many months and I’ve finally reached my left leg split! I’m still working towards right leg and box but it’s a little milestone reached.

7  Grow my own herbs and use them

I think this is the one I thought I’d fail on! I’m so rubbish at plants haha. With a little help from friends, family and Google, I have mint, basil and parsley happily growing on my windowsill.

8  Eat a healthier diet

Okay this one is debatable. My diet has definitely improved and so has my organisation with food but I still have treats which to be honest, I think is absolutely fine. I used to not be able to eat junk food in moderation but now I have the odd takeaway, crisps or oreos a couple of times a week and that’s pretty much it. The bulk of my diet has got better as well; more whole plant foods and less processed.

This year I was concentrating on a nurturing, maintaining, growing sort of theme. A lot of it was based around health as I think this took a hit in my early twenties due to my only focus on being finding a job, WITHOUT a zero hour contract that could pay my rent and bills.

Now to decide on next year’s resolutions. I think the key to keeping them is to really think about what you want to achieve. If it’s something that won’t matter to you in a month or two, you probably won’t stick to it. And also, circumstances change so it’s fine if something that was relevant at the start of the year, isn’t anymore.



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