Christmas & Minimalism


I’ve started yet another declutter of my home and wardrobe. I’ve started to embrace clear, clean, minimal decor and my current belongings are making me feel distracted and frustrated.

I’m being truly ruthless. If I don’t LOVE it, it’s going. It’s a slow process, especially with the clothes and shoe situation, but I’ve got a rubbish bag, recycling bag and charity bag which are all being slowly filled and removed from my house.

Just the image of getting rid of stuff makes me feel inspired and relaxed. I’m aiming to move abroad within the next few years and I think the idea is there in my brain, making me question how I would ever move all my stuff.

So far I’ve successfully managed to minimalise my cleaning products. I use white vinegar, bleach occasionally, baking soda, washing powder and washing up liquid. I have one bottle of each and I’ll replace it once the previous one has completely run out.

The other success at this point is the boy’s wardrobe! Obviously way easier to tackle than mine, haha. We’ve chucked out anything he doesn’t wear or things that are really worn out and he’s down to around 35 items of clothing that he loves and wears regularly. They all fit comfortably in his little wardrobe and now there’s even room in there to store some of our music stuff which was cluttering the rest of the house.

At this point the thought of Christmas decorations, my fake tacky tree and tinsel everywhere made me want to cry. I need to sort through all our Christmas stuff and hopefully I’m going to get a little twiggy tree that can live on our table all year round. I’m going to add a few Christmas decorations to it and then at Easter and Halloween it can have different decor.

As for presents, I was fortunate enough to be sent some beautiful gift wrapping sets from Talking Tables. I’ve kept to the minimal theme for my wrapping and I’m so pleased with it! I’m buying less this year, as I don’t believe in buying for the sake of it and as my family and I are staying in a cabin for Christmas, most of our spare money went towards that.

As a result I have less to buy, less to wrap and less waste. I used the chalkboard wrapping paper from Talking Tables, which is such good quality and looks great with a simple string tied round. It comes with a little chalk pen so you can write on your own messages.



Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?



Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples.

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