Journey to Gymnastics 6: The fear


This month was the hardest so far.

I nailed the back bend to bridge (falling backwards into a bridge from a standing position) but I still felt fearful even after doing it a few times. I managed to kick over from a bridge as well, using the sofa as I’m unable to do it from the floor yet. I did it 3 times and the next day my lower back ached so so much!

I was so chuffed with achieving both those skills but both still make me scared! My back flexibility and lower back strength still need to improve and I think the reason for the fear is that I ache so much afterwards, I then worry about doing it again and getting injured.

I’m pleased with my progress though, just need to focus on overcoming that fear!

Soon I’ll be starting my next phase of workouts and I feel completely ready for the next step. I can feel how much stronger my arms, shoulders and upper back are; my handstands have got better and more controlled. Now I’m starting to increase the amount of time I spend stretching as my back flexibility is slowing me down. The progression is slow but I’m determined to keep going and working at it.




I came back from my trip as the clocks went back and the weather got suddenly colder. I knew there would be hurdles and I really struggled to get back into my fitness routine at this point. I also felt less inclined to eat salad and smoothies and was craving comfort food!

As my goal is to be able to do gymnastics and not about how I look, I decided not to stress too much about food. I in no way want to partake in a strict diet as bodybuilders or competitive athletes do. Maybe in the future, but not now. I love food and I want to enjoy my meals, not dread them.

I looked at how I could adapt my diet to keep in all my fruits and veg but to also cater to the cold, dark weather that’s making me want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep!

For breakfast I’ve been having porridge with almond milk and berries. It’s so warm, tasty and full of goodness too!

Vegan nuggets, stir fried green veg and vegan mayo on a wholemeal pitta.

As my previous smoothies were packed with fruit, veg and nuts I’ve been trying to add those things to other meals. I’ve been juicing celery, carrot and oranges and sipping on that throughout the day. I’ve been adding pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds or chia seeds to stir fried veg.


One meal that I do still love is bean chilli. It’s the perfect autumn dish!
If I’ve had enough carbs for the day, I have a bowl without rice but add avocado for some essential fatty acids.

Here’s an update on how I’m getting on with my current goals:

My Christmas Goals:

1  Backbend to bridge
I GOT THIS! After 2 months of strengthening my back/shoulders and improving my flexibility, the last thing holding me back was the fear to throw myself backwards. 
Achieved: 7/11/2016

2  Bridge kick over
I did this from the sofa! Which means I haven’t fully achieved it yet, but it’s a positive step in the right direction.

3  Cartwheel on the high beam with no big mats!
I can do this with mats so just need to overcome the fear factor.

4  Squat on bars, catch the top bar

5  Straddle over on the vault
Achieved: 7/10/2016

My next fitness post will fill you in on how I coped throughout the Christmas period.
Come on Self Control, we can do this! Haha



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