Grow your own Celery


In my Grow Your Own Food post I mentioned that I was growing celery from celery. I thought this could use a whole post to itself as it’s so easy to do and completely free (if you already have a flower pot)!

So, cut the base off of your celery, not too close to the end, as seen in the photo below. Place it in a little saucer of water; I made sure the water came half way up the celery. Change the water every few days and use a little spray bottle to keep the middle bit moist. This is where your new celery shoots will sprout from.

day 1
Celery- Day 1

After about a week, your celery should sprout leaves! Keep spraying the leaves- celery likes a lot of moisture. I kept mine on the window sill but they don’t like too much heat, so bear that in mind when finding him a home.

day 4
Celery- Day 5

After about a week, when your leaves have sprouted, plant your celery in a plant pot. Cover the whole base with soil, leaving the leaves sticking out the top. You can add compost/fertiliser if you want to give him a boost!

day 8
Celery- Day 8

By day 14 the leaves had flourished and I could see the little celery stalks beginning to form. Remember to keep him watered!

After a couple more weeks the stalks had really grown! He’s still in the same pot but is growing well, I topped up the compost a bit, as the old celery base had rotted.


It really is that easy! I did a bit of research and found that celery is really hard to grow from seeds, so I’ll see how well this continues to work. He’s doing alright at the moment!

Have you ever grown vegetables from cuttings?



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