A Fitness Christmas Wish List!


I don’t really do things half heartedly so as I’ve started my fitness journey, my Christmas list this year is totally workout themed!

1  Phone Holder that attaches to your arm (£2.99)

I like having my phone on my when I go for a run because it logs my distance, speed and gives me voice cues so I know how long I’ve got left. It’s a pain to carry it though so one of these bad boys will be ideal!

2  Nike Trainers (£54.99)

I’m getting quite the trainer obsession but these are just so pretty.

3  Parallel Bars (£59.99)

These mean I can add more to my home workout. They’ll be really useful for shoulder conditioning and working on my pike/straddle lifts to handstand.

4  Wall Bars (£93.80)

Again, these mean I can add so many drills to my home workout. I can do leg lifts, pull ups as well as using them for bridge kick over training.

5  A Leo! (£44.95)

I don’t want a really OTT sparkly leotard but doing handstands with your top flapping about is so annoying! I can wear this under a pair of leggings for my gym sessions.

What’s on your Christmas list this year?



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