5 steps to Self Confidence


I realise that there is no easy route to self confidence and that it’s a struggle for many people. Our society and mainstream media exacerbate the issue by focusing on unrealistic and unachievable beauty standards and body forms, not to mention articles that I’ve come across such as ‘Things you should have done by the time you reach 30″ etc. Shut up.

I spent my final year at uni researching the focus on women in the music industry/public eye and how the image ‘ideals’ have got more and more ridiculous over the last few decades. One catastrophically important point I came across was that in the fifties/sixties when more and more women were starting to go out to work, the advertising for household products became less effective. To tackle this, companies decided to ‘tackle women’s bodies because that’s something they can’t get away from’. From this point the diet, beauty and cosmetic industry started to grow and the advertising models got thinner and more airbrushed because in order to KEEP selling an increasing amount of products there had to be an increasing gap between the desired beauty and the average person.
Sick, huh?

I’ve put together a little list of things which give me a little boost of confidence every time I tackle them. First and foremost though, I’d recommend watching less television, reading less magazines and concentrating more on you, your happiness and health.

1  Know yourself

Get comfortable with your likes, dislikes, interests, personality traits and embrace those that make you YOU. Sometimes accepting is the hardest hurdle to overcome and once you’ve done that you’ll already feel a little more bouncy and confident.

2  Find your style

Whether it’s clothing, homewares, car, find which aesthetics you love. This isn’t about buying things to make you happy or having the most expensive car or designer clothes, but more about discovering your style niche.

3  Be the best you can be

Set yourself little goals. Whether you want to be able to get better at your job, learn a skill or find a hobby that you can get stuck into, set yourself little challenges and celebrate the little successes.

4  Surround yourself with people/things that are inspiring

Make sure anyone you spend time with knows, accepts and likes the elements from the first point. Changing who you are to fit in with people is the recipe for a lack of confidence.
The same goes for those trashy magazines! If they make you feel like you don’t look or act in the ‘right’ way, ditch them!

5 Choose/channel your career/life to fit with the above points

For example, I like freedom, tattoos and having messy hair so I’m never going to feel at my most confident working in a corporate office from 9 to 5 everyday. Obviously this factor may take time but be aware of it and try working out steps of getting to where you’d like to be.




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