Review: Hello Fresh


Recently I have felt stuck in a rut when it comes to cooking so when one of my friends suggested I try a free Hello Fresh box (she had a freebie code), I was overjoyed!

I got a veggie box, which normally costs £36 for 3 meals for 2 people. It got delivered on the Sunday so I was ready to start the week with yummy meals. At first glance, it seems quite pricey but if you’re busy or without a car (as I am), it’s really convenient as it gets delivered complete with all ingredients in the correct measurements. No thinking, no prepping, just unpack your ingredients and follow the recipe card.


The box was organised into useful sections: heavy stuff at the bottom, chilled stuff separated into an ice bag, little spices/sauces in a bag.

The recipes I had were: Vegetable Calzone, Vietnamese Pho and Ragu. I did have to ‘veganise’ a couple which was easy to do, I simply swapped the cheese for my own dairy free one. However, I realised afterwards that the dough for the calzone had a tiny bit of milk powder in it, doh! Mistakes do happen though, what ya gonna do?

I got out everything that I needed for my first recipe and followed the recipe card exactly, through fear of mucking it up!



After about 40 minutes I had made awesome super yummy calzones! I’ve never really made anything with dough before, so was quite chuffed that this worked out so well. The recipe card was very simple and easy to follow; it would be hard to ruin the dish.

The allergens and dietary requirements could have been marked more clearly though. The vegan ones are marked but obviously the dishes with cheese are absolutely fine if you substitute it.


The Vietnamese Pho was completely vegan and the most delicious meal I’ve ever tasted! The portions were a good size as well, this filled at least 6 bowls so we had leftovers for the next day.


Overall, I was really impressed! The downside for me was that the recipes did take quite a while to cook and there was so much washing up. Originally the idea was to substitute takeaways for a Hello Fresh box but as much as I prefer the Hello Fresh food (as well as it being much healthier), the convenience of a takeaway is still yet to be beaten!

If you struggle to find time to go food shopping but have time to cook then I would thoroughly recommend it. I will be ordering a few more boxes but rather than having them weekly, it’ll be when I need some recipe inspiration and fancy trying a new dish.

Have you tried Hello Fresh or something similar?
Do you know of one that offers completely vegan options?



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2 thoughts on “Review: Hello Fresh

  1. Great review! I tried hello fresh this week and I’ve been loving the meals so far! We had a cauliflower rice dish that was wonderful. It did have a yogurt sauce, but perhaps you can switch that for a vegan yogurt (I don’t know if they make that :P)


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