Words cannot describe how excited I was to land in Denmark last week, all ready for a brand new adventure. Nothing makes me feel more alive and happy than wandering through a new city, taking in the surroundings and capturing everything on camera.

I’m not really sure what drew me to Copenhagen, but I’m aware of the high quality of life that the Nordic countries offer and after searching for the city’s attractions, I was sold.

My flight was a fresh and early 7:25am which I always choose if possible, as having that whole first day to explore really makes a difference. Up I got at 4am and watched the sun rise from the plane!

I’ve never done so much on a city break before. There was so much I wanted to see that it would have been impossible in the 4 days I had there; I gave it a good go though!

These are all the places I managed to see.

The Danish Architecture Centre

One of the things I enjoy most about traveling is seeing the different types of architecture so I took a detour in order to touch down at the Architecture Centre. I only discovered it on the first night which is why it hadn’t been in my original plan. It was fascinating seeing little scale models of all the buildings and then scouring the town for the real life versions!

Church of Our Saviour

This is known for offering amazing views of the whole city… once you’ve climbed up a million spiral stairs to the top of the tower! I’m not sure if I even made it half way, oops.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg


This museum was quite small but perfectly formed. I adore this exhibition; it has something really satisfying about it! It was nice to wander around and see the art, there was even a cute little reading area.


Christiansborg Palace


Again, the palace wasn’t on my original plan but I’m so glad we got to go there! It was a last day spur of the moment decision but oh my, it was filled with wonderful photo opportunities.





The Carlsberg Exbeerience

To be honest, I went here because the family wanted to go, but it was awesome! Way more interesting than expected and we got 2 free drinks to try out some exclusively Danish beverages.


FUN FACT: This statue is apparently the Little Mermaid’s sister! We did see the actual Little Mermaid while on a canal tour but I couldn’t take any photos from the boat, wah!



Tivoli Gardens


If you go to Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens is a MUST! I’m not really into theme parks but it was the most magical place I’ve ever seen (without a hint of tackiness). I’m chuffed I got to see it at Halloween as the pumpkin displays were out of this world. I can only imagine the wonder that would be unleashed at Christmas!



We arrived at about 4pm so we had the chance to see it in light and dark; totally worth it!



Copenhagen Zoo


I missed out on Berlin zoo when I went to Germany so really wanted to visit the Copenhagen one. It didn’t disappoint! There was a whole Nordic section, with polar bears and reindeer as well as about 7 other different sections. I think we were there for about 5 hours in total!




This is a tapir and he is my new favourite animal, haha!



The Design Museum

Learning from Japan exhibition
The Mindcraft exhibition

The Design Museum was amazing and was one of my favourite attractions. I love interiors and it showed all types of chairs and decor throughout the decades, as well as some other exhibitons and product design. LOVE.



We walked around ten miles a day to see everything we wanted to see, and to get a feel for the city. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and we were gifted the most perfect weather; eight degrees but sunny!

I’ve never felt so relaxed in a big city before, the people were chilled and friendly; the whole atmosphere was laid back and happy.


The photo below on the right was one of the buildings that we saw a tiny version of in the Architecture Centre!


We also visited Christiania which is a self proclaimed neighbourhood consisting of home made houses and little stalls. But as a rule there are no photos allowed in there so unfortunately I don’t have any pics. Sad face. It’s worth a visit though, it’s definitely an experience to wander through!








We had to walk through the most beautiful park to get to the zoo. It was massive, peaceful and the Autumn leaves made it even more picturesque.


Wakeup Copenhagen


We stayed in Wakeup Copenhagen and I would definitely recommend it. The rooms were small-ish but functionable and the bathroom had under floor heating to help combat the icy weather outside. The decor screams scandinavia and all the staff were very welcoming and friendly.


We had breakfast included but unfortunately there was no soya milk which meant black tea, boo! But other than that I made a good vegan brekkie from the buffet that was available. I had fresh fruit, cucumber, bread with jam, muesli and orange juice.

Being Vegan in Copenhagen


Okay so I went knowing that I would struggle with a vegan fitness diet so I chucked the fitness bit out the window. I aimed to still get my fruits and veggies but other than that, just ate what I could find.
I actually think being vegan in Copenhagen is quite easy; the trick is to research a bit before hand. We ended up wandering and trying to find places on the off chance.

The above pic is spicy tofu noodles from a little place called Wok On (amazing, right). It worked out as about £7 for a big carton of noodles so we ended up there a couple of times.

One place you HAVE to try is Friends and Brgrs. They did the best vegan burger I’ve ever had! It was 99kr for a burger, chips and unlimited fizzy pop. (This works out as about £12 but we all know that Denmark is expensive, mmkay).

I didn’t see as many danish pastries as I expected but there was one lovely little cafe that had the biggest, best cakes! I couldn’t eat any of them obviously, but it makes a nice photo! Also… CHURROS. Churros were everywhere and they’re vegan!

The first cafe we went into didn’t have anything we could eat but the man was so lovely and went out especially to buy us an avocado! He made us a really yummy salad with bread and olives.
The final pic is vegan patties with salad and homemade humous. So tasty! We had this at the zoo and the lady was very helpful in sussing out what we could eat.

Overall, we ate very well!

Shopping in Notre Dame and Nordic Nesting


There were a couple of shops that caught my eye and I ended up having a cheeky peek. They made me want to spend Christmas in Denmark; there were so many cute little decorations!

And check out that tree! That is my Christmas tree goals, right there.


Electric cars, plugged in and charging. Love that.




I try to do my trips on a budget, within reason. I think you can stay in nice accommodation and still enjoy yourself without spending ridiculous amounts.
I was really chuffed to find our hotel was £250 for 3 nights including breakfast. However, what with Brexit and the decline of sterling, it ended up as £325! When we booked it, it acted as a reservation so we had to pay whatever the exchange rate was on the day.

We flew with Easyjet which I’ve never had any problems with yet, I think they provide a great service for a budget airline. I only ever take hand luggage which saves a little bit of money and time at the airport. We got our flights for £166 (return for 2 people).

I took £225 for food/spending money for the 2 of us for 4 days and I did end up spending it all. I think I came back with 1 kroner but I did go knowing that Copenhagen is expensive so was well prepared for that!

We purchased Copenhagen cards in advance for £76 each and I would totally recommend getting one if you’re going. Again, the exchange rate brought the price up from £70 originally which was a bit annoying. The card covers all city transport so we managed to get the train to and from the airport and buses around town all for free. As well as transport it gets you discounts in certain restaurants and attractions and FREE admission into so many places! Everywhere that’s included in this post was free to get into with the card; we really got our money’s worth! Although we did run out of time so I didn’t get to see the Zoo Museum and the Aquarium, boo!

So the total cost of our trip was… £434 per person. I didn’t think this was too bad as the Nordic countries are expensive and we lost out with the exchange rate.

Overall, it was such an amazing place; I’ve never felt so relaxed and happy in a busy city before. I’d love to go back and see the things I missed and experience more of what the beautiful country has to offer.

Have you been to Copenhagen before?



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24 thoughts on “Copenhagen

  1. Great blog, good to know the budget – I’m heading there this weekend so you can view my post in a week or so to see the Christmas feel at Tavoli 🙂 Looking forward to it!


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  3. Wow, you saw so much, I’m jealous! I love Copenhagen too, and I can’t wait to go back. In addition to just being a ridiculously liveable and beautiful city with a ton to offer, my husband and I got married there so it has a special sentimental place in my heart 🙂 I’m hoping we can make it back there again for our one-year anniversary this year.

    Danielle |


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