A Yurt for Halloween


Halloween is my absolute favourite time of year. There is nothing I love more than carving a pumpkin, walking through crunchy leaves and snuggling up in a jumper and socks to watch Tim Burton films.

Last year my mum and sister both celebrated milestone birthdays either side of Halloween (50th and 16th) so we celebrated with a family trip to stay in a yurt in the middle of the countryside. We were graced with the most perfect weather; crisp and cold but blue sky and sun.


There was no phone signal or wifi which was a welcome break to be honest. It’s nice to ‘de-screen’ for a while and spend time outside; it was so relaxing and peaceful.

We had a BBQ grill outside our yurt and there was a little kitchen in the communal building so we went right back to basics. We carved pumpkins and put candles in them to light up the outside space at night.

Inside the yurt there was a fire so we had to walk about to collect wood to go on it. I’m yet to experience proper camping with a fire so this came pretty close.


After walking to the local village, we found little crates like this one with fruit and veg in that were free to take! Too cute.


It was so great to spend time outdoors with fresh air and trees! Technology is amazing but for me, time away from it is essential in order to totally switch off and relax.

Happy Halloween! How will you spending your day?



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