Homemade Vege Soup


Now the weather’s getting chilly, there’s nothing better than chunky vegetable soup to warm you up and keep you toasty!

I made a big batch of this so I could freeze some for another day so adjust portions accordingly.

2 white potatoes | 1 sweet potato | 1 carrot | a small red onion | 1 portobello mushroom
1 small leek | fresh parsley | chilli powder | sea salt | black pepper | nutritional yeast
1 clove of garlic



1  Peel and chop the potatoes, sweet potato and carrot into small chunks, add them to a saucepan and cover with water.

2  Add a pinch of seal salt to the water and boil for approx 20 minutes or until they’re soft.

3  Chop up the leek, garlic, mushroom and onion and fry in a teaspoon of coconut oil.

4  Drain the boiled veg and loosely blend it. If you want chunky soup, blend less, for smooth, blend thoroughly.

5  Add the fried veg to the blended ones, stir in parsley, a sprinkle of black pepper and some chilli powder. Simmer and stir for 15 mins.



Serve in a bowl and add parsley as a garnish.


Now you’re done! This is a great winter warmer and is packed with nutrients.
What’s not to love!

What’s your favourite winter meal?



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