What I wear for a Workout


I’ve accumulated quite the collection of workout wear since I started my fitness journey. However, I wouldn’t recommend scrimping as you’ll end up doing a ton of washing!

Even working out 3 or 4 times a week has made my washing pile grow noticeably, so it’s totally reasonable to have a few outfits ready to go.

I thought I’d share what I wear and where I shop, so you can get your own bargain items if you wish.


Sports Bra  H&M  £12.99
Leggings TK Maxx  £14.99

I’ve found both these stores great for reasonably priced sportswear, although I trust the TK Maxx quality more.
These trainers are my only ‘expensive’ ones and they were £34.99 from eBay. It’s definitely worth checking eBay for new ex display items from top brands.


Sports Bra  George at Asda  £10
Leggings  H&M  £19.99
Trainers  TK Maxx  £24.99

Asda’s range isn’t massive but there’s some great bargains, and they do multi packs as well. The leggings are fine although I prefer the TK Maxx ones and I bought a size too big, oops! The trainers are great, really comfy and lightweight.


Sports Bra  Sports Direct  £4.50
Trainers  eBay  £8

I absolutely love the USA Pro range at Sports Direct. It’s so affordable, especially the sale items and I’ve found the quality to be great so far.
The trainers were another second hand bargain; if you go for used ones make sure the brand is reliable and known for good quality. These have no signs of wearing out just yet and I’ve already had them a couple of years!

Where do you shop for your sportswear?



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7 thoughts on “What I wear for a Workout

  1. So glad I’m not the only one who totally coordinates her outfit to the gym. I also make sure my nails are painted and wear a little makeup. Lets face it, you spend the entire time looking in the mirror (although I do pull faces when it gets tough!) You may as well look good!


  2. I really love H&M for workout clothes. Primark and Forever 21 are also in my list of faves. I don’t know how people can send like £70 on a pair of leggings!! My budget is way under that.


  3. I love H&M but also really adore the stuff F&F Tesco do – it’s surprisingly comfortable and of a good quality. TK Maxx is brillianty when looking fir a good quality brand at affordable prices. 🙂


      1. Me too! I’m always usually in H&M or TK Maxx but then decided to buy a couple of leggings from Tesco and they fitted so nice and were so soft I always go on there now haha 🙂


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