7 Things I wish I’d learnt in Education


1  How to do taxes.

Preparing accounts for a tax return, an actual tax return, anything vaguely related to real life finances.

2  How to pay a bill.

Okay I can pay bills but I can’t decipher the actual bill. I can just about make out the amount I need to pay, I don’t understand all the other shenanigans.

3  The basics of politics.

Surely we should all know what’s going on in our country, right? If people were more educated about it, they wouldn’t turn to tabloids to get information. And I use the word ‘information’ VERY lightly.

4  How much more annoying life is if your parents don’t help you out.

I was actually penalised for having a job throughout my education. Back in college I couldn’t afford to go on trips and in uni I had to miss days in order to work. They didn’t seem to understand at all and were all like ‘you won’t do as well if you spend time working’. Try telling my landlord that.

5  Money matters more than grades.

So my MBA (once I’ve completed it) will cost around £10,000. If I’d done it at Oxford it would have cost over £70,000. Shockingly an Oxford MBA is worth more than my distance learning one. Even if I get distinctions and Oxford person scrapes a pass. Fair, much?

6  There are other skills you need in order to survive.

You don’t get graded on hard work, effort, determination, ambition… Good luck trying to build a successful career without those traits! I think there should be more focus on this throughout the education system.

7  How to grow food.

You can eat for free, WHAT. Why isn’t everyone taught how to grow basic food? In my late twenties I’ve finally moved on from cacti in order to try and grow something edible. I wish I’d known this for when I was a poor new graduate!


Is there anything you wish you’d learnt in education?
Share it in the comments 🙂



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6 thoughts on “7 Things I wish I’d learnt in Education

  1. I definitely wish we’d been taught more about taxes in school – I don’t think I even realised you had to pay them until I got my first job. And even four years into self-employment my tax return fills me with dread!


  2. This post is so relatable. I spend my school year quite confidence with what I was going to do with my life until I left. Now I have no idea what’s going on. My ability to pay bills is horrendous, I don’t understand taxes at all, I don’t even know if the things I know about politics are correct. I might be screwing the world over without even knowing.


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