Clean up your… Blog


I hear about a lot of bloggers who get stuck in a blogging rut or feel frustrated and unhappy with their blog at some point in their lives. I haven’t yet felt stuck but I have cleaned it up a bit, which made me feel much more inspired and excited to continue improving!

Here’s what has worked for me, see if it can work for you too!

1  Delete old posts that you’re not happy with and any that are no longer relevant to your niche.

If you don’t want a niche, then don’t have one. There is a lot of speculation about this in the blogging world but my view is ‘each to their own’; do what you gotta do!

If you do have a niche then this may change over time so make sure all your posts are still relevant and display your best work.

2  Pick a shiny new template.

If your blog is more than a hobby then there are many templates you can buy to make it that much more professional looking. Honestly, I haven’t mastered coding yet so stick to the free ones but I’m really happy with my current one as it compliments my brand nicely. Have a research and see what works best for you.

3  Update any posts that you think could use a make over.

If you have posts that are relevant but you’re not completely happy with the photos then take new ones! You can tweak the writing as well or add in any points you may have missed. This is a great way to improve any posts that are bringing down the quality of your blog.

4  Make a mood board of your visual style.

I did this when I started blogging and although it has changed slightly, it still helped a great deal with focusing ideas and creating a brand.

5  Make another mood board of the types of photos/posts you want your blog to be about.

Is there a specific style of photography that you like? Or a running theme that could work throughout your blog and social media channels? Do you want to cover a number of different categories? Work out what you’re going to do and then go for it.

6  Don’t worry about changing things!

Adaption is natural and your blog will go through changes as your life progresses. Make sure your writing, posts and photos are true to you, even if that means a change from where you were at in the beginning.


A wardrobe overhaul and new hairstyle aren’t just for you, they’re for your blog too!

Have you ever been in a blogging rut?
How did you get out of it?



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